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  1. Aldo Moss was born in Memphis, Tennessee in December 1988. He grew up on a small cattle farm just outside Knoxville, Tennessee where he helped run things with his father. He has two younger siblings, a brother and sister. When Aldo was ten years old his mother left their father, leaving behind him and his siblings as well. Aldo had a harder childhood than most now having to help his father around the farm and help raise his brother and sister, this left little time for school. By the time Aldo turned eighteen he barely made it through high school and got his diploma, not sure what he was going to do with his life but knowing he did not want the farm life Aldo looked to the military. The first few years in the Marines proved difficult for Aldo, he was not very good and making friends and constantly thought about his brother and sister back home. Years went by as Aldo wrote his siblings and they would write him back, luck always seemed to be with Aldo and he would return virtually unscathed from any tour or mission he was sent on. It was in July of the year 2017 when Aldo received news of a new assignment that, unknown to him, might very well be his last. On the 17th of July Aldo was sent to the Elektrozavodsk area of Chernarus to aid in combating against a strange outbreak. He had never seen anything like it, some illness that seemed to drive its host mad and threw them into a rage. The following days were hard, supplies were slowly depleting and no news had come on resupply. After a week of no new intel some of the soldiers had decided they were not going to sit around just waiting to die, Aldo was among them and the group set out to leave Elektrozavodsk and try to make for the Russian border, surely someone was still alive, somehow they could make it back to the states. One night the soldiers camp was overrun by a group of infected and the soldiers were forced to split up. That was 19 days ago now, Aldo is alone, running out of food and water, and wondering if he will ever again see the great Smokey Mountains and make it back to his brother and sister . . . if they're still alive.
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