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  1. Oliver always had a fascination with photography, so much so that he made a career out of it. Taking classes in photography and journalism after high school Oliver landed a job working as a photojournalist for The West Australian but eventually took a job working for National Geographic as a freelance photographer. Oliver loved being outdoors, always out on some adventure to some remote area of the world, nothing but him, his camera and the vast open world. He has been in almost any situation you can thing of, war zones, desert, tropical rain forest, vast mountain ranges, all while bringing back amazing photos of what he has seen. Around the fifth of February 2020 Oliver heard of some bad things going down in a place called Chernarus, some kind of infection, like a really bad flu. He wasted no time getting on a plane to Russia, not being able to get a flight straight into South Zagoria even through a private pilot, he was going to have cross the border on foot. He finally made it to Chernarus and it was a disaster, the whole country going into quarantine. After spending a couple of days in some of the major cities and getting some good photos, Oliver decided he needed to get back across the border and on a plane back home before all hell really started to break loose. As he approached the border to Russia he was stopped my military and told he was not allowed to leave. Oliver was now trapped, quarantined in a foreign country with no help in sight in the midst of a viral pandemic. All the adventures he had taken by himself for work and this is the first time he felt truly alone . . .
  2. I think everything but fast travel sounds good
  3. I don't sadly, didn't think something like this would be reported, we valued our lives, it's RP.
  4. Me and my two friends stopped at a gas station to re-fuel our car, we began to re-fuel as we noticed five or six people approaching us WITH weapons drawn. Why five or six people feel like they need to walk up on a group of three with their weapons ready is beyond me but I didn't want to stick around and find out. I honestly felt by the tone of their voice they meant ill intent, that is why we left.
  5. Nonplayer, he should be posting
  6. My friends and I were driving down the road, in 4th gear, by the time we came upon two people walking in the road we were moving to fast to stop so the driver tried to swerve to the left in to a filed to avoid them at the same time one of the people stepped out of the road to the left to avoid us and we ran him over by complete accident. we came back around to see if we actually killed him, the woman he was with started talking to us, seeming very upset which is understandable but then she just stopped talking all together and just stood there, after two minutes or so of her not responding to us we just left. this whole thing was a complete accident.
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