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  1. Hoyt was a skilled soldier in the US Army. Following the 'Outbreak', Hoyt was assigned to join the US-led NATO force of soldiers under Brigadier General Stone's command that went to Chernogorsk to retake ground zero. Hoyt was forced to kill both innocent civilians, and one of his comrades who was attacked by the Infected. Eventually, he refused to comply with the order to kill all civilians, and abandoned his post. He took shelter inside a warehouse where he met with a mother and father trying to protect their three kids from the monsters outside. Finally after what felt like hours of waiting Hoyt decided to escape the city and allowed the group to join him. While escaping, Hoyt received a message from over his radio, explaining that the Air Cavalry was preparing to firebomb all of the city. Hoyt knew it was time to go. In the rush of getting the survivors ready to leave, he forgot to look for any signs of a sniper and the group was hit by fire from a rooftop sniper; the two unnamed civilians were killed and a third sustained a leg wound. Hoyt ordered one of the children to run around the corner in a zigzag pattern so that Hoyt could get a shot at the sniper scoping them out. When the child refused, a skinny 15 year old girl ran out into the open to the other side, giving Hoyt his chance to kill the sniper. Hoyt led the remaining survivors to a tunnel-way so they could escape. When the group was confronted by more Infected and the impending firebombing, they took shelter inside an abandoned van. The Infected were quickly closing in, but the car failed to start. Hoyt spotted approaching Aircraft in the rearview mirror, he went outside to push-start the car, but not before instructing the driver to get everyone to safety. Hoyt successfully push-started the car, but was caught up in the shock wave from the bombing and was assumed dead after that day...
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