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  1. My POV: I did drop one item if I recall onto the ground during the rush of things. I mostly hung out on the outside border of the camp after briefly entering, so I didn't see 95% of what happened inside. I'll accept whatever punishment that would bring me. Apologies.
  2. Devlyn Anderson is an American who served as security for a special diplomat who was on a diplomatic mission to Chernarus just before the outbreak, protecting him from the ongoing demonstrations. In the midst of the demonstrations, the diplomat was violently attacked with a knife, leading Devlyn to quickly dispatch the protester. With the assistance of other security, the diplomat was escorted to a local hospital where he would spend the night. That night, a flood of infected victims were brought in, and given the severity of their conditions, the diplomat was swiftly relocated, only to succumb to his wounds later that night. Devlyn was gripped by the events, ensuring he kept himself distant from the infected. The very next day, Devlyn awoke to mass chaos as those same infected had turned. It was hard to believe at first, but that skepticism soon disappeared when he witnessed one of the infected running towards him. Luckily, he was carrying his pistol and took the dreaded shot to its chest, then its leg, and finally its head when he realized the monster would not let up. He soon learned that all conventional transportation methods were no longer available to leave Chernarus. He was on his own now, quickly taking to the open farmlands to distance himself from the chaos. He had prior experience living on the land given his hobby of hiking, so he was not too out of his realm. The unknown is still what brings fear to him however. Will he turn into one of them? Will the next non-infected people he meet be hostile towards him? He knew he would have to be ready for anything.
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