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  1. I do not have video evidence of me killing him, but there were nine witnesses.
  2. Server and location: DayzRP #1 / Stary Sobor Church Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 12:57 Your in game name: Joshua Taylor Names of allies involved: Vasily Popov Name of suspect/s: His discord name is Mystic Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We held up a guy in the Church in Stary Sobor. The guy started yelling out help and was giving away our postions. Mystic shot and kill the hostage. We then got held up by some nationalist but we were let go. After that, Mystic cut up the guy he killed and started eating it. Some minutes passed and while I was just doing my thing, he came up to me and started feeding me it. I ran from him thinking that it won't affect me but I didn't tell him to do it. I actually told him to stop. After that, I ran to Kab and my character started laughing. I pretty much got pissed off. An uproar was started because I was laughing around 9 other people. They found Mystic. I walked up to Mystic and aimed my weapon at him. He kept lying about feeding me. I told him to tell the truth or he would get shot. He lied again and I shot. And then shot myself because I would of died anyway..
  3. Conceived in the year 1981, and in the loud town of Camilla, Georgia USA. Such a serene time before I chose to travel to Chernarus, my life was peaceful. I had a old ranch that was passed down from me from my great granparents. They were the main individuals that demonstrated to me any adoration for an amazing duration since my grampa died of a heart attack. My parents passed on in an auto collision when I was only a little kid around the age of 3. I was visiting an old military companion close to the Balota airstrip when the infection broke out. Because of the frenzy from the huge flare-up in Severograd which caused numerous evacuees going down the coast looking for asylum and help I was not able return home to my lodging. Following a few days I was sent with a group of fighters to empty, when we went over Stary Yar on our last stop we just discovered bodies dispersed over the streets and fields. I quickly surged towards one of the survivors to ask what had occurred here when a huge gathering of contaminated came dashing from the tree line to assault us. I entered one of the homes in the wake of figuring out how to get away from another brush with death. While running from those animals I kept running into a pleasant old home at the edge of town that was vacant. I have stayed in that very town ever since.
  4. The surgeon lived a good life before the zombie outbreak happened. He was a well accomplished surgeon and had saved many peoples lifes. Prior to becoming a surgeon he grew up in the small town of Saint Cloud. He had a normal life with strict parents and great grades in school. He moved to Chenarus in hopes of making his career than what it already was. But everything change when the outbreak happened. He watched his own family get eaten by the contaminated. This drove him crazy. To ensure that he could survive he became very hostile to those who showed weakness. He built an empire that didn't last long. The empire had ran out of supplies so the only thing he could do to survive was to eat his colleges. He got shot in the process. Now that he had eaten people he started to get a taste for it. This scared him, so to remedy this, he sewed a gasmask to his face making it to where he couldn't eat any solid foods. He can be heard giggling occasionally. He will rarely talk, but when he does, its never a good thing. He is now roaming the streets trying to survive.
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