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  1. Daxter Murphy, nicknamed "Dax" , age 21, a foster child before all of this happened, both of his parents dying in a car accident at a such young age. With a poor home life Daxter seeked out to better himself by obtaining a solid education to become a doctor. After many years of practice and college, he eventually graduated with his degree in BioMedical, and a PhD in medicine practices. Not even months after his graduation, he returned to his hometown of "Hawkins, Indiana" for one last visit before he set off to find a career.. only to find out that it has been plagued by the outbreak. Both curious and terrified, Daxter fled awayhome before it got even worse.. Upon ample online research, he found the source of the outbreak.. a small region by the name of Chernarus, bordering the coast of the Green Sea by Russia. "Russia?" he thought to himself.. How does a virus that far, travel internationally? .. Eager to learn more about why this outbreak happened.. Daxter took the first boat he could to Russia to inch himself closer to the outbreak. The year is 2019, learning that the outbreak spread globally not even 2 years ago on american soil.. Daxter sets food on unfamiliar territory of Chernarus, seeking out its inhabitants and hoping to help stop this outbreak and find a cure.
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