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  1. My name is Coco Stephanov a coal worker in Kamensk, i lived a simple life with my wife and daughter, from work to home and again the next day but i was happy. Then the madness started, we were escorted to Severograd shortly after the outbreak began without any explanation, but its the military what else can you expect, shortly after arriving i felt something was wrong but did not care for it, i just kept my head down and looked after my family. That night i couldnt sleep, i looked out the window like i usually did back home and saw a strange figure in the dark, he looked like a soldier but did not act like one, i was unsure if it was something to be alarmed about until it attacked that young lady - "I knew something was wrong with this town". I remember uttering those words, i knew i had to get out of there so i grabbed my wife and daughter and fled to the countryside. Worst mistake i've ever made. Now im alone, theyre both gone and im still here, it is often the people who deserve to live that die its just the way of life but at the time i couldnt accept it, they were my reason to live. As for what i want to accomplish, i need to survive, because if i forget about them then they will be truly gone, i have to keep going... For them.
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