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  1. @StellaRP @[email protected] Cant say i didnt find it kinda funny even though i was the one in a tight spot, youre creative ill give you that. Wish i coulve given you better RP, It was late and couldnt make much noise. (To the others involved im sorry i dunno your tags).
  2. Coco

    The 5.0.3

    *Cain would press down the PTT* "Long time no see, i can't say i haven't been waiting for this moment" *He chuckles a bit* "We shall turn their castles to dust" *A loud bang can be heard on the background as he releases his PTT*
  3. Jeremiah grew up in a godless environment as from a young age he was abandoned by his parents and the childrens home he lived in didn't focus much on religion, he was never baptized and he never did his first communion. He was never really a believer, but this changed however as one day he met a girl by the name of Mia Busch who introduced him to the world of Christianity. Jeremiah was skeptical but Mia convinced him to join a religious group she had been a part of for some time, before he joined this group Jeremiah was baptized and recieved the Eucharist for the first time. The group spent countless hours in service of those who needed help which led Jeremiah to do the same, he eventually quit school in order to spend more time traveling the world helping others. His group didn't want to head into war torn countries so Jeremiah had to find a new group, after months of looking he found a "Aetherious society" that was willing to travel to these countries, Jeremiah joined them as they made promises that they would not keep. This landed him in Takistan, a place torn by a recent war which had turned into a civil war between Insurgent cells and Takistani Armed Forces aided by NATO troops. Jeremiah spent many hours a day talking to James Jouret, the leader of the group. Jeremiah eventually saw James as his father and seeing as how he never had one, this was the relation he had been looking for all his life. Blinded by his love for James, Jeremiah started adopting the extremist ideals that the group believed in and became a true member of the cult after his initiation, the cult believed strongly in the old testament but with some modifications made by their leader. Jeremiah started going down a path of hate and anger as they made him believe that in order for the new world to be established, the old one must be destroyed. After aiding the Takistan insurgents in their fight against NATO troops, James and his cult moved to South Zagoria to aid the chaos that ruled over the land due to civil war.
  4. Jason Blake Kauffman is a 25-year-old medical student who enjoys reading, eating out and outdoor activities. He is Kind and Helpful, but can also be very unstable and a bit evil. He is addicted to Opium, something which his friend Kate Annabella Reynolds pointed out when he was 17. The problem intensified in 2014. In 2017, Jason lost his job as a trainee doctor as a result of his addiction. After this Jason went on a holiday to a strange land unknown to him as the jorney there was on a boat where his daily activities consisted on smoking opium and eating fish. He then set out to explore this land but quickly realised the horrors it contained, he was at sea when the outbreak happened and has since been living in Chernarus helping people.
  5. Coco


    *He holds down the PTT* "Apparently not, good luck next time" *He releases*
  6. Ethan was born in a successful family. He lived comfortably until he was about 19 years old, but at that point life began to change. Both his parents were killed in a car accident which was planned by his father's business partner who wanted to take over the company Ethan's father co-owned, after that his father's partner framed Ethan of a murder that had the same "Modus Operandi" as several other brutal Chernorussian politician related murders. After that he was taken prisoner by the US police and was extradited to Chernarus due to the political nature of the crimes he was framed for.
  7. I would like to close this report, we talked to the involved OOCly and resolved it.
  8. Server and location: S1 Chernaurus - North West Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 17:00 UTC Your in game name: Cain Stephanov Names of allies involved: Stella WIlliams ( @radiosalt ), Marcus Rivermill ( @noudbouwmans ) Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No video evidence from our side Detailed description of the events: We were leaving NWAF with a stranger which we had intention to rob (But this was unknown to him) and ended up in the middle of the field right on a little ditch where we then asked him: "Hey friend, do you want some peaches". Which was our signal to start the initiation, we then all initiated on him and asked him to put his hands up. He then put one hand up and as we were going to tie him up, he started sprinting away but didn't get far as i shot him 3 times in the chest with a B52 knocking him out and then shot him in the head to kill him. After that we took his gear and the server crashed, after we logged back inside we headed towards a little bridge when we heard: "Hello guys" and then just shooting towards us, they started gunning us down until my friend Marcus and I finally died. Now, he never spoke in-game signaling that he was being robbed and he ran almost immediately after the initiation started so my question is how could the people that started shooting at us know he was being held up and also where he was being held up. My theory is that this man was trying to lead us to his friends so we could be robbed but there was no interaction about this in-game, so there is no way they could have known ICly where we were.
  9. Coco

    More than Runners Pt.1

    Same here man, i do regret leaving. twice...
  10. Coco

    Waiting for the guys to show them who is boss.jpg

    Its RP man, no need to be angry OOCly about what happened yesterday.
  11. Coco

    Waiting for the guys to show them who is boss.jpg

    Unfortunately i think anarchy was victorious, some dude and myself had to retreat after they rushed out to kill everyone on the outer wall
  12. @Chimmy Chonga had just logged on and after 5 minutes of him doing so @radiosalt and myself took @Chimmy Chonga hostage inside Elektro Hospital and immediately took his weapons and radio with a IC chat emote ( "*Searches for radio* // does he find one?*" Response: "//Yes the one on my chest?" ) after this we asked him to drop both his radio and his weapons on the floor and told him "If you have any weapons on you when we search you we will kill you" (VOIP) then, we made sure he did. We then made our way with him to Elektro School and made sure nobody was following us, after this we made our way to the second floor where we locked the door and handcuffed him only to find he still had a secondary on his holster (We could have killed him right there but that would have been shit RP). We then searched him and removed anything he could use against us, after that we asked him if he needed food or water. We then started explaining why we took him hostage in the first place (Earlier we asked his friend @rhothar to help us by providing a container in which we could place some gear in but he refused as he didnt like my character: Cain Stephanov). After explaining we played a game of rock paper scissors which worked like this: Win = Nothing and Lose= Getting hit in the face. So, he lost and i hit him in the head with a sledgehammer (Now this is why i suspect @rhothar and @Chimmy Chonga metagamed: We never mentioned the sledgehammer in VOIP or in Chat so this makes me believe they were communicating OOCly outside the game using 3rd party software, as we took his radio). After this we wanted to raise the stakes, i asked him if he wanted to bet his life and freedom on a rock paper scissors game against me, he declined and accepted the alternative which was beating him a little bit and then letting him go. After hitting him again we gave him his weapon back with no bullets and his sword, then, we escorted him outside the building but before we got out @radiosalt and myself asked for perms to log off in chat using "//". After he said yes to this i went outside and got immediately shot by @rhothar without any initiation.
  13. We never said in VOIP that we were hitting him with a sledgehammer, would you mind telling me how you know this?
  14. "This is a picture... A nice one."
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