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  1. June 2017 Yesper Jablington, a 29 years old IT technician, currently living in Greenland, where he is currently stationed by the Danish government. He is working alongside multiple Danish government agencies on creating a brand-new server farm, that will require minimal upkeep costs, due to the cold climate. The project has been going on for a year now and is set to be completed in upcoming month. Early-July 2017 The project is going a bit off rails and is being delayed multiple times. They hope to still reach the deadline of late July. Late-July 2017 Multiple reports have started coming in on some sort of new virus, that has been spreading all over the globe. No signs of the virus have yet hit Greenland. Early-August 2017 Communications seems to be down with the agency in Denmark, and Yesper, nor his team, has been able to make contact with the outside world for the past week or so. Late-August 2017 The team still hasn’t been able to make contact and are starting to worry. They decide to head down to the nearest town (approximately a 20km walk, in heavy snow). The town seems empty, there is no sign of anyone. The team keeps on looking, and finally gets to the local post office, that has signs all over it, telling everyone to get ready for evacuation starting the 5th of August. Yesper and his team finds some documents stating that the virus has been infecting a lot of the population and turning them into some kind of braindead cannibals. The team was speechless after reading this, and eventually decided to gather all the resources they could and head back to base. After getting back to base, some decided to try and make it to the shore, in order to reach their families in Denmark, others (including Yesper), decided to stay and wait for help. They had the resources to stay there for a couple of years atleast. June 2019 The team still hadn’t heard anything, and resources was starting to stretch thin. They had to try and get away. They went to the nearest shore, found and old ship that should be able to get them all to Denmark, and started their journey. July 2019 They had been sailing for roughly a month now and was finally able to see land. They went into shore and started to have a look around. Nobody… Even though they where at some sort of city shore, they couldn’t see a single soul. They went towards the city, and that’s when they realized that they didn’t hit Denmark, they hit some sort of Russian speaking country. The team found an abandoned car and started taking a look around the city. And that’s when they say it, what looked like a human, but was far from it, a growling monster came running towards them. They started revving their car and got away quickly. They found what looked like an abandoned camp site, where they stopped. Suddenly they could hear some footsteps. “руки вверх”, they heard, they turned slowly and yelled “don’t shoot”, luckily the guys spoke a bit of English, and they found out they had hit the town of Indiga, small city in Russian. The men spoke a little back and forth and told Yesper and his team what was going on. They also told them that if the headed south they had a chance of finding some sort of “safe heaven”, or as they would call it “Черногорск”. The team decided to give it a go, and on they went. August 2019 The trip had been roughed, and it was only Yesper and one of his colleagues remaining, they had lost the other to the braindead. They had reached country by the name of Chernarus, in their search for a safe heaven. They stopped by the shoreline road to take in the view, and out of nowhere a braindead came and bit Martin, Yespers last colleague. Yesper quickly got into the car and took off. Yesper was now alone, with nowhere really to go, and no one by his side.
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