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  1. Heinrich was never considered better than his father. From birth, he always looked up to his father, spending every waking minute where he was, looking up to him. Heinrich was very much what a lot of people would call a "Daddies boy", wanting to be much like his father. Heinrich never believed his love for his father to be unprecedented. He thought that his father was a great man, he was a Sanitäter (Medic) in World War II and contributed towards saving the lives of 67 people, which consisted of foes as well as allies. While his fathers methods were not very liked among his superiors, the soldiers working with him adored him, seeing as he managed to almost make people come back from the dead. Heinrich always listened to his fathers stories, of how he was so great in WWII, of how he continued being a doctor afterwards. These things motivated Heinrich to learn the history of Germany and made him adore the weaponry that was used in the war. It also caused him to decide to follow his fathers footsteps. He decided that he would also become a doctor, picking medical studies as his university studies. Heinrich had no problems mastering everything, he was very determined and also learnt a lot of information from his father beforehand. Soon, after six years of hard work, he was awarded with a doctors title and decided to work in his fathers clinic in Hamburg. His father, seeing how his son worked to get close to him, decided to take Heinrich with him to a patient call in Chernarus, a retired Russian soldier lived there who was being periodically checked by his father. They would arrive to the mans residence, only to find that the man was ravenous, with his skin decaying at a frightening rate. The Russian soldier lunged at his father and ripped out his neck, leaving Heinrich in a panic, only narrowly escaping the rotting man by slicing his pocket knife into the mans throat. From this point onward, Heinrich was alone, and he knew that he would have to move, seeing as this man was not the only one with this terrible disease. With the shock of the situation and anger at the disease, Heinrich decided that he would decide to do one thing: Find a cure for this disease or an immunity for humans. He shall avenge his father in the only way he knew how: Medically.
  2. The situation has been resolved, thank you for your time nonetheless.
  3. So, I had an interesting encounter. I am not going to say anything identifying, but I was having a chat with two people at a military location. No initiation, no being robbed or anything. One of the people get timed out, and upon going back in, shoot me in the head. Now is there any legality to this action or was it a rulebreak?
  4. I did my whitelist, set my profile name parameter, created a character and even was on the server without any issues until I had an internet hickup and the server lost connection with me. Now, every time I try to join (I have restarted my game and checked my parameters to make sure it's not on my side), I get "You are not whitelisted!" What do I need to do?
  5. My name is Adrian Winterberg. I am a 29 year old German police officer who used to live in the eastern part, Saxony, to be exact. My town, my place of work was a hub for all sorts of criminal, from petty thievery to heavy hate crimes. And, on active duty, I had the... pleasure to be in the thick of it. It was a hotbed for crime. It was also a town filled with National Socialists and refugees alike. So many refugees, in fact, that I needed to learn English. Thankfully, my neighbor, Mr. Worthington, helped me out with that. Didn't save him from that stabbing incident though. This would be my everyday life, full of oh-so-fun adventures... Quite frankly, I didn't know when someone would actually kill me.. Or when I would have to possibly kill someone. It was a fucking mess, I tell you. A mess I had to call home. I couldn't move away, my Mother was in hospital, her heart wasn't functioning normally anymore. It didn't take long, and she, along with my reason to be there, passed away. For quite a while afterwards, I didn't know what to do with myself. I just spent day in, day out, working. Going to area of crime, arresting people, going back. Day in. Day out. I fucking lost it. I was angry, sad, depressed even. The only escape from it all was when I met a Russian woman on the internet, someone that I would proceed to contact frequently. She became all I had, talking to her was the only thing I did when I came home. One day, she invited me to her place, a place called "Chernarus". At first, I thought she just made up a name and feared that she was just a catfish, but the place actually existed. Of course, I couldn't say no. I was talking to her every day, she was so sweet and so understanding, I just couldn't let her go. So I didn't. I told my boss that I was taking a holiday, and off I went. She lived in Novigrad, and there I would stay with her and talk, being together and being happy. I don't know what happened after me arriving at her place, it's... all fuzzy. I... I think I got into a fight with a guy at one of the bars, after he tried it on with her... come to think of it, what was her name... I don't know. When I finally came to, I felt like I was back in my hometown. Everything was in utter chaos. I didn't understand what the fuck was going on, but after seeing a man eating the leg of a woman, I understood so much: This isn't normal. I have but one thing on my mind: Find out where she is... what her name is... what she looked like... what even did she look like... fuck.
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