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  1. So, I was heading from Cherno to Moglevka after helping a new player on the server learn how to reload his SKS. I had made my way to Moglevka after the idle odd sounds in the distance and clearing out the town of zombies, I started working on the lock on the door of my friend's base so that I could store some things. Meanwhile, I take slight damage from the barbed wire while not even being close to it, but I stopped moving so the damage stopped. By the time I finally opened the gate and walked in, my character let out a few grunts before suddenly falling over, dead. This seemed to be rather unreasonable and unrealistic of a way for my character to have died, and I was pretty upset when it happened just less than an hour ago. Can I get some help with getting my character back? I understand the rule of permadeath and such for the characters on this server, but this was just a glitch and an odd thing to happen when walking past some barbed wire a foot away.
  2. I fixed the parameters and filled them out, as they were blank previously. I will see about joining the server again in a while, I must go for now. I appreciate the quick response!
  3. and now Im being kicked for "This is not your active character!)" again Ooooookay wait, I just noticed when you save the parameters for the mods it doesnt save the actual PARAMETERS of name, port, etc. I will fill these in and probably it will be fixed. Will update
  4. I checked the parameters, I saved it and made sure it was all correct. I just was able to play for a while just now, but I literally just got kicked again for "Invalid character name." My character's name is the exact same as in the forum here. I think it's someone actually kicking me, if not it's a very erratic sensor.
  5. Hey there, I recently joined this server and have been playing for a good while as of the past day or so. Currently, I am trying to log in, however I am being automatically kicked for my character not being my active character, while my character is named as and I have been playing as my character for a while. The only Issue that could cause this is my character not looking as I designed him in the beginning for some reason, but at the same time I have been playing and using this character, and I'd like to get back on despite this. Is there anything I can do? It says it is not my active character, but it literally is my active character as seen on my profile.
  6. Frank Bushman is a military veteran of the Chernarussian Military as a marksman. He had been retired from duty and lived with his beloved wife and children in Chernarus, in the town of Stary Sobor. However, when the infection began to spread, he was horrified to return to his family having already succumbed to the disease. Now, he secretly blames himself for the tragic fate of his family, whether he was too late to save them, or put them out of their misery before trying to find a cure, no matter how impossible such a task was, he would have damn well tried. Now, he roams Chernarus and helps whoever may be in need when he can, because being able to help others helps him cope with not being able to help those he loved most.
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