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  1. poppacap48

    S1 KOS Cherno 03:25

    (UPDATED) @Phoenix My POV and report has been posted on a staff ticket, staff can find my side of the story and everything that happened there, it was all caught on stream and for what it's worth, I'm sorry that this misunderstanding has happened. Guy in watchtower wasnt wearing wrist band but I assumed he was one of the legion or Wolfpack players who wronged me in the first place, so I shot him to risk not being KOS'D by someone I had no idea whose alignment they might've been with, I realize that was a mistake and I apologize for that, as for the two people in the tents I killed, one had a gun out and was peeking at me, I shot her in self defense as to not die by a perpetrator and for the person who's hands were up in the tents I couldn't see an armband on you because of how dark it was and how askewed my vision was, all I saw was a faint outline and silhouette. And shot. I then picked up NVG from the tent, observed my kills and saw no armbands, which I realize was indeed a mistake. As I said it is all on VOD and CLIP for staff review in my support ticket, hopefully this can be resolved without permanent blacklist, as I would enjoy continuing to play on this server and interacting with the people here. I never intended to do any wrong or ruin experience, I was RPING my revenge and it got out of hand. That's all I have to say. Poppacap48 (Michael Collins) : 76561198076820749 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/466815671 1:52:14 - 5:30:00 RP for Cherno AND THEN 5:30:00-END is when the Harassment and Trolling ensued Went to WolfPack's base to try and start up some RP as a trader from Kabanino, let them know that I am with the Dollars and Runners, and act as a neutral envoy and influence as to not stir up any trouble. Constantly bullied, harassed, and minged throughout the entirety of the time I was there, ended up getting taken hostage, demanded for information, harassed and initiated on for little to no reason, and the situation escalated when I decided to retaliate against them and whoever was in their base. Didn't risk taking a chance trying to initiate RP, and was very dark during the time that I striked the compound alone. Didn't know they were non WolfPack Members, assumed I had defenders rights since they were all inside the compound and allied with the WolfPack, so took the initiative and decided to get my revenge in RP. JimRP ended up logging in at the right moment, ghost bullets happened and I ended up dying to JimRP. Felt this was unfair and wrong on many different levels and occasions, and would like this to be resolved. Didn't intend to ruin anyones RP experience, wanted to get my revenge, but apparently I can't even have that. Also attached below is a list of people I banned from my twitch chat for harassment and OOC continuation when the situation was supposed to be in Staff hands. Hopefully these people get their punishment, because I should not have to deal with coherent adults who decide to behave like children. Sorted by name first, and then date they were banned after. All of these people, are DayZRP players, and viewers of RiZStream. Would like to also point out the fact that some of the RP groups in the VOD have not been RP'ing correctly in my eyes, and aren't trying to accomplish their goals. scofflerr 8/13/2019 msbb 8/13/2019 nikoteen 8/13/2019 thrash13374 8/13/2019 cmlnorwayy 8/13/2019 yunflacko 8/13/2019 phoenyxxrising 8/13/2019 burgrum 8/13/2019 g19rp 8/13/2019 aidanskipski1 8/13/2019 coonassmafia 8/13/2019 iiamgrazixd 8/13/2019 jared999_ 8/13/2019 jsessewhite 8/13/2019 synthhunter 8/13/2019 roleplayersrus 8/13/2019 bazzinga2204 8/13/2019 thiskidismadhahahahaha 8/13/2019 joshrizzo 8/13/2019 stokele 8/13/2019 bipod 8/13/2019
  2. Michael Collins, an ex-military operative who was a rookie at the time of the outbreak. Trained extensively in recon and stealth tactics, Michael operates as a shadow among the shadows, and is only seen when he wants to be seen. Back in his childhood days, he experienced very severe trauma, the lack of a Father figure in his life to look after him, and the tragic lost of his mother in his early years drove him to the point of near insanity until he found the military. The military acted as a form of stability, and one of the establishing pillars of his life, he indefinitely hoped to establish a squad of his own and work for the best after the army days ended. The army taught him everything he knows to this day, how to survive, hunt, heal, feed himself, kill for protection... A lone wolf who has trusted nobody since day 1, who knows what traumatic experiences this man has lived through, and what wrong has been done to him. Quiet and away from the limelight, Michael likes to stick to the shadows and avoid confrontation if possible, but if backed into a corner things can get a little.... dicey if you will. Worked with the CDC initially to attempt to quarantine the outbreak, but ended up splitting off further down the road, knowing full well what was about to happen, and that there was no stopping this firestorm. Live, Survive, Thrive in the land of Chernarus is now Michael's Number 1 goal, for who knows how long he will be on this godforsaken land......
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