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  1. Chadwick 'English' Buckingham, born 20th June 1993, is, or was, a BP executive, visiting the Chernarus area to investigate potential oil reserves and improve his position within the company. With the outbreak as it stands, Chadwick will make as many friends as possible to be able to survive, as well as letting them take the lead, or any bullets that might come their way. On the other hand he is equally willing to exploit any possible avenues from strangers that he meets along the way as long as it ensures his continued survival and potential escape. Whilst by no means a fighter, his life is clearly more valuable than most so stealing food and supplies from the less fortunate isn't out of the realms of possibility. If he gets the opportunity to look into potential oil deposits, just as he was sent to the region to do so originally, he may not be able to pass it up. Who knows? This could be a big break, its not like the undead will mind if their homes are destroyed to dig for oil, after all, and the man who made it happen will undoubtedly be rewarded.
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