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  1. Hell yeah happy birthday! Glad to have come back to this! May there be many more!
  2. Same, this negativity is almost as consistent as my intro threads.
  3. Thank you so much! Same here! Does the community still use TS or has it finally started using Discord?
  4. Hello Everyone! My name is McDugals, I am an "old" time user of DayZRP and long time Roleplayer. Currently I am playing a lot of Monster Hunter and League but I am looking to get back into my roots in regards RP. I hope the server is as active as usual and I look forward to playing with you all. In both Campfire and Hostile RP! I also look forward to meeting some of my old friends and acquaintances that could still be lingering here. Cheers, McDugals
  5. Made it to Affiliate on twitch! Thanks guys for the support and for stopping by the stream! Means a lot!
  6. Throw back to a year ago! Man time flies!
  7. Back at it again fellas! twitch.tv/mcdugals
  8. Going live! We back at it! https://www.twitch.tv/mcdugals
  9. Would love to get added as well! twitch.tv/mcdugals
  10. Howdy folks! Showing a bit of an old video from the Destiny 2 Beta! I'll also be posting some DayZRP videos as well.
  11. DAYZRP. Back at it again! https://www.twitch.tv/mcdugals
  12. If being able to add mods becomes a thing Imma model the fuck out of some models and fill the server with modded modeled goodness
  13. So now that I have quite a bit of free time thanks to some events that have taken place! I think I'll finally get around to streaming and working on videos related to DayZRP. I look froward to meeting some of you guys and hopefully create some quality content for the community!
  14. Thanks boss, you the bomb(dot) com
  15. Thank you Skinner, was thinking of Streaming some DayZRP later today so that helps greatly thank you!
  16. Been a bit since I've last visited and I'm curious when the server, peaks during the day?
  17. Oh golly was I happy this worked https://clips.twitch.tv/GracefulInnocentApeGingerPower
  18. Took a break, now we're back in Ranked! https://twitch.tv/mcdugals
  19. I have a few videos as well. Might update this with some new art! Thanks for the suggestion! In other news.... Doing more Kayn stuff! https://twitch.tv/mcdugals
  20. Streaming league of legends and PUBG tonight! twitch.tv/mcdugals
  21. Going live!!! Gunna do Sion Support! twitch.tv/mcdugals
  22. Is this the end of the DEAD SPACE SAGA? https://twitch.tv/mcdugals
  23. Going live for some DEAD SPACE. twitch.tv/mcdugals
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