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  1. I would love to join you guys in NATO, my character is already searching for you guys and he was part of the Dutch Air force
  2. Jim lived in the Netherlands in Amsterdam but was on the airbase Vokel a lot for his work, He was a dutch Air Force pilot and flown f-16's and he was scheduled to go fly the F35 in a couple of years. He was at home in the Netherlands when he got the call that he was getting deployed to Chernarus but he was not given a reason yet, when i arrived in Sochi in Russia he was given a full briefing on what was going on in Chernarus, In the briefing he heard that he would be airborne but would not engage until the radio call came in that the ground troops needed support so he helped the ground troops with CAS (Close Air Support) in his F-16. He did that couple of times until one day is base was overrun so he could not land there then a ran out of fuel, he was over Chernarus when he decided to eject from the f-16, when he ejected and landed he hit something and got knocked unconscious, somebody patched him up and then he woke up in the middle of nowhere with a couple of things and tools, he lost some parts of his memory so he cant remember who helped him and who patched him up but he knew something, he needed to help people that are not infected and maybe find some people that were part of NATO and regroup with them.
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