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  1. @PaulB @Baron Thanks this link did work.
  2. Hi, I met a friend on the server, we are no longer in contact. I am trying to talk but the only means I have is his discord name. I have read the FAQ and found a link to the Discord but it is now expired/invalid according to Discord. I was wondering how I can join it, if I need a new link or something?
  3. Ed Mikhailov was born in Chicago, Illinois, to his parents Ivan and Stephanie. Ivan was a soldier in Chernarus, but moved to the U.S. when he got out in hopes of finding a new life. As much as he admired his father, Ed wanted to help people in what he saw as a better way, by becoming a surgeon. He started on this dream right out of high school, earning his degree as soon as he could. Ed was on a visit to Chernarus during the time of the outbreak. He came to see his grandparents after learning that his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. When he arrived at the small, rural town they lived in it was already too late. With no cell reception and infected everywhere, Ed had to toughen up and learn how to survive quickly.
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