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  1. waVer

    My Memories

    Some drawing's I sketch, while I try to survive.. Memories I want to keep..
  2. Good RP at the Coast Road, when you stop us in the bus.. my first time seeing you guys IC. Very very nice RP! Thank you so much!
  3. waVer


    Thank you my friend :)
  4. Week 2 Day 1 Today was a good day, hanged around the McCommers. It's good to know more this family.. They are really tight. Amazing Family.. When we were at the beach telling story's to each other, a dark vibe man show up. Adrian. Didn't like his vibe. Talking shit in others people's back. There is a portuguese saying "nas costas dos outros, vês as tuas", roughly translated to english, "you can know what people talk about you, when they talk about others".. Day 2 I was at the Mcommers when I hear on the radio that June was calling everybody because we need to go to New Chechenya. So when they came to North East to meet us some days ago, they had a request to June. She had to turn in someone. Someone that in the eyes of the Chechens was working with the russians against them. So June turn in Gustav, a greek friend who had troubles and allready had broken Chechen's Law. We went to Bereinzo to get Ivan and his sister. So me, June, Morgan, Nick, Ivan and his sister went to Stary Sobor to pay our dues. Gustav entered and when he came out, was broken, no life in his eyes, but he did what he said he would do. Took the punishment like a Champion! After all this situation we went back to Berezino, Mickie meet us there, we had some drink's together and went back North. What a day! Day 3 Woke up in a strange house, not remembering what happened the night before. I had a dream with Andrea and the kids. Somehow I fell like I'm forgeting them. Feel like shit when I think about it. Am I giving up? I allways believed that hope is the most important thing.. I don't know anymore.. Picked up the radio to check on everybody and Nick replied. He was on his way to our "camp". So I started my long walk from Berezino to the North. On the way I heard a call for help via Radio, it was Antoni needing help in Novo, me and Nick went there to help. When we were returning to our camp.. I couldn't shake te thought of my mind... Am I forgeting my family? Why haven't I searched them for a while?
  5. So good to share this experience with you all.
  6. -Journal- Week 1 Day 1 What a huge headache. what the hell happened. It's so quiet... don’t see Andrea or the kids anywhere. I have to get out of here and try to understand what the hell happened. Day 2 Everyone is acting so aggressive, I don’t understand. They just try to bite or kill me. I need to find someone that can explain what happened. There is power only in some cities and everything is destroyed. It’s like a woke up to a new world. Day 3 I really need a good night sleep. Every night I rest with one eye open. Saw 3 guys in Zaprudnoy, but they were with guys out killing every body in the street. Sick or Healthy. So I remained hidden. Every newspaper that I found talks about a virus that makes people sick really fast. Day 4 Turned the radio on and caught somebody’s conversation. They were talking about a Bar in Berezino, Belic Bar I think, where people meet and trade. Maybe there I can get some information. Maybe there I can find Andrea and the kids. Day 5 The bar was closed yet full of people. Many travelers, some lost people like me, others not so much. I heard about a war going on between Russians and Chechens, I have to be careful. I found neither Andrea nor the kids. However, I met a group of people who seem to want to help more than destroy and that is what matters to me. They were friendly enough to let me accompany the group and take refuge in their camp. I will do my part to thank them. River Crossing, I think… Day 6 Today was a rollercoaster. Started really well with a party with a lot a people on the beach. It was good to take your mind out of the problems. We went to Novo to find suplies after. On the way back everything went to hell, we were attack by someone. David was shot but managed to get away, in the confusion I ended up facing one of the attackers in the woods, came out with only one scratch, first time I shot a man down. They organized a party to go get David who after some time comunicated via radio asking for help. It was an atomic shit show. And I saw a new face of the Chechens group. I never want to see that side again. Day 7 David passed away during the night. June is taking it really hard, tries to stay tough in front of the others but you can see her eyes red from crying. There was some action in Novo envolvying the POV again, it is turning a dangerous city for sure. Artemis and Persephone were with me, Antoni tagged along aswell. Later I went to the Belic's Bar Grand Reopening, I met some people from the Belic Family and a sweet woman called Debs. Morgan went with me and intruduce everybody. Seems like Debs saved Morgan's life some time ago. I like people like that, I aspire to be like that aswell. When we were heading back, some sketchy guys did a distraction so one of them could steal a car from the Belic's, Ivan went balistic. It was a full day I can tell you that.. Heading back North..
  7. so true so true... bring back the roullete please! that was awesome!
  8. To create a continue story gaming line for myself and for the people who I interact with, my group. Help Other's, gather information, defend people who I play with. Provide good RP to everyone I meet.
  9. Portuguese born and raised. Traveling all over the world because he loves to know new cultures. Military training engineer, made in Portugal. Specialty in ecological and sustainable structures. He started a sustainable housing project in Portugal, and with his family, wife and two children, he expanded this project all over the world. The aim would be to expand to chernarus and help this area to have more resources and quality of life. On the plane trip to Chernarus, his entire family died in the accident, being left alone. however, he continues with faith in his mission to help others, with all the knowledge he has acquired in his travels and experiences.
  10. Yes, i have my character name on parameter and the server info. character name Lucas Lima server info: server address : s1.dayzrp.com:2300 and the password
  11. Okay, i have all those mods installed, I Don't understand why this is happening?!
  12. I have a big list of mods i have 136 mods installed, because i play on other servers aswell. maybe if you give me the list for dayzrp i can check which one is missing. Thank you for the help. I have a new pc, that's why i'm having this issue
  13. Hello im sorry to bother you guys, but i cant log in. I have all the mods of the servers list What can i do?
  14. Server and location: DayZRP server 1 - Zelenogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIMES): 2019-08-14, 00:06 Your in game name: Lucas Lima Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I met the guy in zelenogrosk military and was talking to him, he said that we just woke up, never been in this part, i gave him some amo that he needed and we talked a litle more, after that he shot me in the back several times with a makarov, i was bleeding but survived. a lot of zombies charged us and he dide in the incident so have I. Both with the zombies
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