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  1. I stated that I heard shots but it was from only one gun and they stopped after only a few had been fired. That usually indicates infected. I didn't aim at anyone, I had my mosin out for about 3 seconds before putting it away after I ran off. I hid behind a tree because I didn't know if there was more and where they might be and didn't want to be shot. I also never shot my gun the entire time my mosin still had a full clip along with my FNX-45. You also left out the part where you came up to me while I was bandaging, didn't say a word and shot me. The rules clearly state that if attacker rights are initiated then they must be clear and unambiguous to all people involved. I did not want to be involved since it was not clear to me what was happening yet you still fired upon me. The fact that when seeing me behind a tree with no threat posed to you and shot me without saying a word proves you weren't looking to RP in that situation.
  2. Sever and Location: Dayz Chernarus at Green Mountain Military Base Approximate Time and Date: 1:20 on 2019-10-22 In Game Name: Jason Knight Name of Allies Involved: None Name of Suspect: Never got a name Detailed Description of Event: I was around the Green Mountain Military Base area after they just treated me for Cholera and was a bit away when I heard gunshots. I figured since it was only a few that it was some infected, so I went to go see if they need help. When I got back to the base I asked if they needed help, to which they said there was a gunman shooting at them so I ran back into the forest and crouched behind a tree so I wouldn't make much noise. The shooter saw me and shot me one time in the leg. I ran deeper into the forest with no gun in hand and tried to hide behind a tree to bandage. The guy followed me and shot me three times without saying anything to me. I posed no threat and was not in the group that he was actively attacking and he did not tell me any instructions before shooting me.
  3. Link to the situation: Peril helped me get into the server after having trouble not getting in. Any supporting evidence or notes: I don't have any screenshots because the chat was in the support room. Feedback: He was a really nice guy and was very respectful and helpful to me. He answered all my questions thoroughly and had plenty patience walking me through everything. Suggestions for improvement: I think he did great and my only suggestion is to keep doing what he's doing
  4. He arrived here during the first wave of UN troops and held out until his squadron was overrun and all either were KIA or went MIA. He has 10 years of military experience and joined when he was eligible to. He has a wife and kid in the US and a dog. His wife's name is Sarah, his son's name is Johnathon, and his dog's name is Roger. He is proficient in gun accuracy and gun knowledge. His best friend Ethan was in his squadron when it got overrun and is MIA in his head. Because he is the only known survivor of his squadron he very low moral.
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