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  1. Jason Knight

    Staff Feedback: Peril

    Link to the situation: Peril helped me get into the server after having trouble not getting in. Any supporting evidence or notes: I don't have any screenshots because the chat was in the support room. Feedback: He was a really nice guy and was very respectful and helpful to me. He answered all my questions thoroughly and had plenty patience walking me through everything. Suggestions for improvement: I think he did great and my only suggestion is to keep doing what he's doing
  2. He arrived here during the first wave of UN troops and held out until his squadron was overrun and all either were KIA or went MIA. He has 10 years of military experience and joined when he was eligible to. He has a wife and kid in the US and a dog. His wife's name is Sarah, his son's name is Johnathon, and his dog's name is Roger. He is proficient in gun accuracy and gun knowledge. His best friend Ethan was in his squadron when it got overrun and is MIA in his head. Because he is the only known survivor of his squadron he very low moral.
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