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  1. My character will be an entrepreneurial type character who i will primarily be playing as a travelling shoe salesman and tailor. I imagine my character as being as being a famous shoe salesmen before the outbreak who had many celebrity relationships possibly with powerful historical figures. My characters real name will be unknown but i am planning on my character going by the name/alias of something like Flash Price(s) or Tony Slick. I also plan on my character having a darker side caused by the stresses of the apocalypse. This would come out when in dire need of stock to sell or if a competitor came along and would result in my character becoming more aggressive and deceiving to 'correct' this. My character arrived in Chernarus around a month before the outbreak as sent as a diplomatic/gift by the USSR to the chernarus higher ups to help design aspects of shoes in outfits and as a personal tailor for some of the high ranking roles. The trip was orchestrated by the USSR in an attempt to reduce tensions with Chernarus as my characters skills were renowned. My character accepted for the chance to help dress the higher ups of the rising cities. He was received suspiciously and allowed to work under a watchful eye where he produced some of the finest work chernarus had ever seen. As they realised the value of his skills an influence on the population he was restricted from leaving 'for his own safety' until tensions within chernarus cooled down. As the USSR fell and the outbreak started my character grew increasingly restless to leave but was kept as a glorified prisoner. As the country fell my character managed to escape and began the struggle to survive with all the rest under a new alias as to not be taken prisoner again.
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