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  1. David and his wife Grace were on vacation traveling on a cruise ship, the Costa Risacca for their honeymoon. They weren't far off the coast of South Zagoria by the time the storm began raging. David had a gut feeling something bad was going to happen and took Grace by hand and began striding towards the lifeboats. The waves grew larger and larger, the storm only more fierce. Loud booms of thunder as they stride through the other passengers. Raging winds blew tables and chairs laid on deck and turned them into flying debris. All out chaos as a wave crashed over the top deck. If panic hadn't already set in for those on-board it was taking place now. A passing passenger slammed into Grace as he was hurriedly moving past trying to find his family, forcing her hand to slip from David's grasp and she fell backwards a bit. David looking back trying to find his wife's hand looked at her as she fall back and a tremor came across the ship that could have compared to that of an earthquake. In a matter of seconds the ship was sinking there wasn't time to think, picking himself off the ground David grabbed Grace and began trotting uphill towards the lifeboats. Passengers fighting for a spot on the lifeboats began fighting for there spot on-board. There was another tremor as the ship took on more damage and swiftly more water the ship rising above water only to sink further in. One of the lifeboats lost it's ties to the ship and crashed into the water, without thinking David grabbed Grace and jumped into the water after the lifeboat. All around him he heard the sound of other passengers having followed suit. Breaching the surface for air, he only managed to get a single gasp before his head was pushed back under by that of another passenger trying to make their way to the lifeboat without any regard for his or Grace's life. Letting his grip from Grace go as to not take her back under with him. Fighting his way up for air as it felt like his lungs were about to burst, reaching air and taking a giant gasp of air. Grace had gone about 10 feet from the lifeboat and was inching closer, struggling for air, seemingly having a difficult time staying afloat, one arm at her hip; was she injured? A wave crashing over her head, inhaling a gasp of water in place of the air she was attempting to get. David saw him now, the man that had pushed him under in a effort to save himself. He moved passed Grace, and she tried to grab onto him but he pushed her aside still in his last ditch effort for survival not caring who he had to take down in order to save himself. Grace had taken in too much water, the waves crashing over top of her consciousness began to fade, vision began to blur. It all happened in such a quick instant that David didn't have the time to take action still recovering from nearly drowning himself. Saw as Grace struggled for air, and life itself. Swimming to her through the crashing waves and floating debris. Almost there... 5 more feet, 3, 2, he grabbed her and began swimming for the lifeboat. Swimming with Grace slouched over one arm and using the other to paddle towards the boat. The man that nearly killed him and his Wife in front of him, rage entered through him as he grabbed driftwood that was crashing with the waves and slammed it into the side of the man, square across the side of his head, he instantly fell under and David moved passed him towards the boat, throwing Grace and the driftwood on-board. Next picking himself up and on-board, taking a seat quickly began paddling using the driftwood as an oar. Grace slouched over, too much time had passed since she'd last took a breath, David knew it was too late but pushed the two of them to shore and throwing the driftwood launched himself over to Grace using everything in his power to try and save her... Nothing. Holding her in his arms he began to cry into her. David who was just a worker at a factory in the states has to transition from average man to a survivalist. David Walter, a 28 year old man, average height with longer then normal messy brown hair, just married to the love of his life, Grace. The two of them were on-board the Costa Risacca for their honeymoon when all hell broke lose. David now is in search for a purpose to continue living. He found a group of survivors and began taking lessons in self defense and learning how to properly shoot a weapon and took on target practice so that he may defend himself and others. It's now 2 years later and David travels the area looking for ways to help those in need while also still taking in the occasional survival lesson from the things that he sees.
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