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  1. Ned Herb was a doctor who signed up to join a vault underground. His skills in his medical background got him a free ticket to join the survivors underground in a vault-tec bunker. Years past the initial zombie outbreak, many people living in the vault grew tired of staying away from the surface and a revolt begun. Many were killed in the chaos of fighting. Ned doesn't remember much from this time, only that he was struck in the back of the head as soon as it started. He awoken later being alone in the bunker, many bodies littered the halls with no one still alive in sight. He explored the now dim bunker, increasingly getting desperate to find his neighbors and friends. He soon found nothing but dead neighbors and friends. He went to the entrance to find it still tightly shut. With the power of the bunker cut off the door can no longer be opened. He spends months in that bunker alone, talking to dead bodies and working tirelessly on restoring the power. He had plenty of food he thought but as the months past the food in the fridge spoiled and the dry perishables were all he had left. He grew to hate the canned foods he was forced to eat. His only therapist to express himself was a rotting skull of one of the guards he used to know. His name was Dave, and Dave was a great listener. Neds mind grew far more disillusioned as the weeks went by having hallucinations of horrors in the bunker that were out to get him. Speeding his motivations to escape. Upon one day he heard it, the sound of the bunker door being pulled open, he could feel the fresh air rushing in, as he fell over trash excitedly moving toward the entrance. He was greeted by a pair of well outfitted survivors, who were nice to start. But Ned in his own twisted mind knew they were just acting nice to use him, his only really friends were still underground. He left the pair as they were sleeping, venturing back into his bunker to talk to Dave. Dave listened to Ned and helped him come up with a great idea to take Dave with him to the surface but Dave's body was to heavy so Ned did the best he could, sawing away at Dave's decomposed neck to take him with him. Ned held Dave lovingly in his arms before stuffing his head into a plastic bag putting it into a small backpack he found near Dave's headless body. Ned packed away a few more things, some of his medical equipment and some food and water from the bunker. He leaves that night, sneaking past the lying survivors that opened his door before venturing out into the night.
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