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  1. My character is a US CIA agent named Frank Bishop. He recently was in Washington at a boring desk job when suddenly he was given a job offer of being a field agent in Chernarus. He didn’t think much of it, as he was a quiet and timid man. He was a single man and an only child who’s parents had died so he didn’t really have much keeping him down. He thought he might find a woman, and have a life of a spy. When he reached, the country seemed to be flourishing. He constantly shopped and met with many local. His mission was to locate a local military official. He didn’t see the urge of it so he took his time.When he found the official, he quickly radioed in, he was told that new intel is showing that he must leave the country ASAP. Since he recently found a girlfriend and the country seemed safe, he decided he would stay there for a couple days more. Then the military checkpoints started. He was scared as he may have been compromised but alas he was fine. One day, he came home to his girlfriend being eaten by a neighbor he raced into the kitchen and killed the being. He was putting his girlfriend in the car when she died in his arms. He cried softly. Frank then started to bury the neighbor and his girl Sasha. He glanced over and saw that Sasha wasn’t where he left her. He looked around and as soon as he saw her she started to attack him. Using the shovel, he had to push her back and stab her. Not understanding what was happening, frank quickly headed to the airport to leave this strange place. He was halted by the military who raised their guns and told him to head back. A week went by and he continued to see planes and explosions nearby. He decided to leave the city and to head to the country. He took all the money and resources he had to buy a gun and a small boat. For weeks he would fish until one night where in the middle of the night a creature attacked him! He quickly decided that he needed to be secluded in the forest. He realized that, he needed a group. So his plan is to find a group and continue to survive.
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