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  1. A Mysterious man. One that prefers going unseen. Growing up he had always been burdened by terrible social anxiety, so upon turning 18 years old he decided to move out of his parents home, and into the mountains where he could be alone at last. Many years went by, and he had cut off communication with everybody, even his parents. But after so many years, he started to become lonely. May 9th, his 37th birthday, marked the point of which he had enough of this feeling of loneliness because it had only seemed to grow stronger. He realized that it was time to face his fears of seeing and talking to people. So after six months of procrastination, and working up the courage to actually leave his secluded home in the mountains... He began his descent back down to the town he had left behind 19 years ago. After three days of hiking the unforgiving trails, he had finally reached the bottom, and what he seen was devastating. Bodies littered the pavement, cars barricaded the roads, doors of houses left wide open for anyone to venture inside. He was stunned by the amount of destruction that had rampaged through the little town he once knew as peaceful and lively. Once he came back to reality, he realized he needed to get moving, and fast. He went back to his home he had lived in growing up, only to find that it had been condemned. He found himself alone again, this made him feel a variety of emotions that quickly came to a halt upon seeing a written note that was stuck on the front door. The note said "Quinn, if by gods grace you've found this letter, please understand that the world you once knew no longer exists. There has been some sort of disease going around, changing people... killing people. We don't know what it is, but it's spreading rapidly. We were told there is a safe-haven in the south called Chernarus, that's where we're headed. You may see people along your journey, be careful about making contact, as they may not be people at all, but rather monsters. It may be best to just avoid them all together, which you shouldn't find issues doing since you were always good at that. Please be safe on your journey and only trust those of whom your gut agrees with. It's hell on earth, and we're living it. - Love, mom". Quinn Robinson knew there was only one option left after finding the ruins of his old town along with this letter.. And so his journey to Chernarus began.
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