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  1. Tyler Ivanov, a simple man who lived in a small apartment working a casual 7-3 factory job in the Lumber Mill near Berezino, Tyler was a boxer on the side, not because he enjoyed fighting, he was actually one of the nicest most kind hearted people. He picked it up as a hobby and a way for self defense, to stand up to people that tried to rob or bully him in the streets. Once the apocolypse hit everything Tyler knew and believed got flipped and turned upside down leaving him praying to a god he wasnt sure existed as well as fighting for his own survival. Tyler roams Chernarus in an attempt to find a community in which he can help build and live as normal of a life as possible. Tylers goals for his life in Chernarus are as to become one of the well known survivors, known for helping people in their time of need as well as being ruthless to the savages that roam the lands. Hes kind hearted but has a strong will to do what is right when the situation calls for durastic measures and hard decisions Tyler typically leans towards the highest honor action hes able to take. A stern man with a heart of gold.
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