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  1. SatansNightOut


    I'm sorry, but ever since this community basically went "corporate" with JimRP, it has lost its value and integrity for me.

    This corner of the internet used to be an escape for me while I was dealing with the hardest time of my life since I have existed. My divorce was intensely disorienting and broke me to the point of giving up.

    It was only DayZRP.com that kept me sane because of the friends I made, mostly due to the sensation of community, and the fact that it was a place I could disappear to with like-minded indivuduals when I needed it most.

    It is no longer this anymore.

    So many veterans that were around and great long before my time have left for my same reasons, and I didn't understand why: This place has become a cesspool of diluted business and power-drunk younglings who lord over their own positions.

    Instead of a community, it has become a Facebook with prison guards who lord over their power without realizing the depth and time people have invested over the years to contribute to a community that should have more involvement from the higher-ups.

    This community was a creation of play, not work. And so, the tables have flipped. So, so, so many great RPers have moved on from this corner of the internet because of the absolute pollution.

    Goodnight, and goodbye.

    1. SatansNightOut



      Nothing personal, but so much has changed since you became apart of this ordeal. I don't know if it's a personal thing, or because of the business conglomerate, but this community absolutely 180'd after you became apart of something that was an RP community before an enterprise.

      Enjoy your money, dude, but I never thought I'd become a sheep in this community, instead of enjoying it like I used to.

    2. JimRP


      If you think that I actually changed anything then you're wrong. You're making it sounds like I'm Tim Cook. If you also think I'm the reason why you're not enjoying this community then you're wrong again. I really don't understand why you're blaming me. I came in here and I paid $10,000 to @Rolle (on-top of $xx,xxx which I invested on YouTubers & Streamers who aren't a part of our community anymore) for my co-owner position within DayZRP. However, I agreed that I will not make any changes and I didn't. You want to know how much money I've made from DayZRP? I've made $0. I did this out of pure passion for role-play. If you believe I did this for money then you're very much mistaken. Next time you try and blame somebody for something then at least ask people who will not lie to you.

      A community is what you make of it. If you don't have the same passion, you don't need to waste your time here. As for your personal issues, feel free to send me a message any time regardless or check out https://www.7cups.com/

      Have a good night, sleep well and sweet dreams.

    3. Oliv


      We all feel your same frustrations from time to time. I too get frustrated with the state of things, but for different reasons. Yes things do appear to be "policed" more than they used to, but I also feel this is not the same place it once was. I won't go into much detail because that's not the point of this message.

      If you ever want or need to chat with some one somewhat level headed and only an asshole 50% of the time, my PM box is always open and I'll always make time for anyone on TS. A community isn't a community without members, and if we can retain and keep those members happy then all the better. Better yet, it can be even greater if it's a place made up of friends rather than just people who can tolerate each other.

      Besides, have you met Jim? I think you're giving him too much credit. (Love you Jim, but this is what happens when you hate on the Raptors :D)

    4. SatansNightOut



      All I'm saying is that things changed immensely when you came into the picture.

      This community got a nice chunk of change, and a new Co-Owner, but it is essentially a Facebook with prison guards. I just don't understand how people are OK with the attitude of some Staff decisions and how hypocrisy and inconsistency has been pretty prevalent in the last half a year or so.

      I don't know you, Jim. I just know things aren't the same as they used to be. And while certain changes are necessary for progress and to achieve improvement, I just can't even find myself to be comfortable with the community anymore.

      I don't care to argue or debate because this is just me briefly scanning the DayZRP.com website that I used to be so passionate about but I am always apprehensive to look at anymore.

    5. SatansNightOut


      LMAO, okay. Lovely purge as of late. I don't even bother with these newcomers that don't have any idea about how the community used to be. The fuck do you even know, JimRP, and buttermilk. No idea.

      Don't care. Peace.

    6. Oliv


      I mean I wasn't around for the old days either, not that old at least.

      Your call if you wanna stick around or not. Honestly, I came here to play a video game. Most other people did too, regardless of how OG or new they are. You get to decide if you wanna dismiss them just because they don't remember the good ole days, but that doesn't mean they aren't here to play and to play this game well. I think dismissing some one straight up because they haven't been here long enough is a mistake. I personally like to give people the benefit of doubt first.

      Anyways, hopefully you stick around, but if you don't good luck to you wherever you go.

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