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  1. Just gonna throw this out there for those who have any misconceptions about myself and Amy Strange.

    She is my brainchild in a long series of different avenues of existence in multiple dimensions. I created her, but she tells her own story and I follow along as best I can as her brain-father. One day, I will write a novel about her multiverse experiences. I'll stop procrastinating on Monday, I swear.

    I am, in fact, truly Satan in real life. She is just a character. Don't be surprised. ?

    1. Wulf


      I feel like I've met a Miss Strange but i dont know where.

  2. I love theeeese. And you are just an absolute treasure to hang out with, Ellie.
  3. I was the one that resuscitated you, but I didnt know the others. I had just met them moments prior. As far as I'm aware they were expecting a threat to show up and shotgun wielder asked you several times who you were and if you were with anyone. And then he initiated on you and gave you about a minute to reply, but you never did. Maybe you accidentally muted or some other error but we didnt hear anything from you at all after the first few garbled words.
  4. Amy Strange's voice emerges onto the radio waves, sounding curious and intrigued. "Ooh, a riddle. Hmm...I suppose I'm not doing anything important today. Time to solve this mystery! Who's with me?" When no one immediately responds, she scoffs. "You kittens aren't any fun. Fine, I'll be a super sleuth on my ownsome." Bzzt.
  5. I was talking with Staggs (missed you so much!) recently to collaborate with his amazing ideas and it was a fun get together that I feel would be a creative dynamic in the world. LMs have some fun in store. So as long as the server is stable, I think some unique events can be expected when tools are reinstated. ?
  6. Alright, I think I'm gonna bail and go on hiatus from the community before I drink too much vodka one night and burn my bridges here. I sincerely hope there is a reason for me to come back sometime in the distant future when both the community and DayZ itself becomes more constituent and enjoyable. I'm tired of the game's frozen state, and all the contribution I made towards a particular side-project ultimately killed my loyalty towards this community after all the time I invested. I have other things to keep my imagination stimulated, and other escapes to indulge in just as much as I did when I joined this community in 2014. So until further notice? Crimson or Satan or whatever you know me as... I'm out. o/
  7. I'm sorry, but ever since this community basically went "corporate" with JimRP, it has lost its value and integrity for me.

    This corner of the internet used to be an escape for me while I was dealing with the hardest time of my life since I have existed. My divorce was intensely disorienting and broke me to the point of giving up.

    It was only DayZRP.com that kept me sane because of the friends I made, mostly due to the sensation of community, and the fact that it was a place I could disappear to with like-minded indivuduals when I needed it most.

    It is no longer this anymore.

    So many veterans that were around and great long before my time have left for my same reasons, and I didn't understand why: This place has become a cesspool of diluted business and power-drunk younglings who lord over their own positions.

    Instead of a community, it has become a Facebook with prison guards who lord over their power without realizing the depth and time people have invested over the years to contribute to a community that should have more involvement from the higher-ups.

    This community was a creation of play, not work. And so, the tables have flipped. So, so, so many great RPers have moved on from this corner of the internet because of the absolute pollution.

    Goodnight, and goodbye.

    1. SatansNightOut



      Nothing personal, but so much has changed since you became apart of this ordeal. I don't know if it's a personal thing, or because of the business conglomerate, but this community absolutely 180'd after you became apart of something that was an RP community before an enterprise.

      Enjoy your money, dude, but I never thought I'd become a sheep in this community, instead of enjoying it like I used to.

    2. JimRP


      If you think that I actually changed anything then you're wrong. You're making it sounds like I'm Tim Cook. If you also think I'm the reason why you're not enjoying this community then you're wrong again. I really don't understand why you're blaming me. I came in here and I paid $10,000 to @Rolle (on-top of $xx,xxx which I invested on YouTubers & Streamers who aren't a part of our community anymore) for my co-owner position within DayZRP. However, I agreed that I will not make any changes and I didn't. You want to know how much money I've made from DayZRP? I've made $0. I did this out of pure passion for role-play. If you believe I did this for money then you're very much mistaken. Next time you try and blame somebody for something then at least ask people who will not lie to you.

      A community is what you make of it. If you don't have the same passion, you don't need to waste your time here. As for your personal issues, feel free to send me a message any time regardless or check out https://www.7cups.com/

      Have a good night, sleep well and sweet dreams.

    3. Oliv


      We all feel your same frustrations from time to time. I too get frustrated with the state of things, but for different reasons. Yes things do appear to be "policed" more than they used to, but I also feel this is not the same place it once was. I won't go into much detail because that's not the point of this message.

      If you ever want or need to chat with some one somewhat level headed and only an asshole 50% of the time, my PM box is always open and I'll always make time for anyone on TS. A community isn't a community without members, and if we can retain and keep those members happy then all the better. Better yet, it can be even greater if it's a place made up of friends rather than just people who can tolerate each other.

      Besides, have you met Jim? I think you're giving him too much credit. (Love you Jim, but this is what happens when you hate on the Raptors :D)

    4. SatansNightOut



      All I'm saying is that things changed immensely when you came into the picture.

      This community got a nice chunk of change, and a new Co-Owner, but it is essentially a Facebook with prison guards. I just don't understand how people are OK with the attitude of some Staff decisions and how hypocrisy and inconsistency has been pretty prevalent in the last half a year or so.

      I don't know you, Jim. I just know things aren't the same as they used to be. And while certain changes are necessary for progress and to achieve improvement, I just can't even find myself to be comfortable with the community anymore.

      I don't care to argue or debate because this is just me briefly scanning the DayZRP.com website that I used to be so passionate about but I am always apprehensive to look at anymore.

    5. SatansNightOut


      LMAO, okay. Lovely purge as of late. I don't even bother with these newcomers that don't have any idea about how the community used to be. The fuck do you even know, JimRP, and buttermilk. No idea.

      Don't care. Peace.

    6. Oliv


      I mean I wasn't around for the old days either, not that old at least.

      Your call if you wanna stick around or not. Honestly, I came here to play a video game. Most other people did too, regardless of how OG or new they are. You get to decide if you wanna dismiss them just because they don't remember the good ole days, but that doesn't mean they aren't here to play and to play this game well. I think dismissing some one straight up because they haven't been here long enough is a mistake. I personally like to give people the benefit of doubt first.

      Anyways, hopefully you stick around, but if you don't good luck to you wherever you go.

  8. I do feel strongly, but I wasn't upset. I'm just passionate and I tend to advocate many others that came before me to stick up for this regularly repetitive and pointless argument. If you're offended because I am being blunt? You'll be just fine, I promise. I'm just articulating, or trying to share my opinion (unless that's totally illegal on DayZRP anymore). It just sounds like people with the same opinion you seem to share have little patience to wait for other people to express their stories. It's akin to the type of people I come across in real life who tend to wait for you to finish speaking so they can vomit their own response, instead of them taking the time to actually weigh-in and take into account a dedicated, formulated and equal response to the conversation at hand. Patience goes a long way with imagination. You find it to be a roadblock? Others don't feel the same way. Dedicated RPers find a modicum of patience in regards to the opposite party while reciprocating their thoughts and creativity.... Or they should. Otherwise, you're just trying to rush your own white noise and just trying to get out what YOU want to say without taking the time to actually give a meager fuck about the RPer you're engaging and socializing with. Absolutely no need to rush imagination, or call it a "roadblock." Your only limit is your imagination (and patience, it seems, from your demeanor). It's an RP scenario. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the rare innovation. Or don't.
  9. A HUGE part of this whole fucking debate could be solved if Bohemia did ONE. SIMPLE. THING: Auto-run. Other than that, there are lazy, impatient motherfuckers who are too entitled to actually read and use words and imagination, and I think sometimes people need to go elsewhere if they think RP is all about how cool or edgy they can sound over expensive microphones, and some of these types are more concerned with ammo burning holes in their pockets, or what witty bullshit they can spew over VOIP instead of actual development. Roleplay should come first and foremost as a story, and many stories are told through text, words, writing... Some people don't realize what that is, or what it means, or what stories can become. There are things with pages and words... Also known as books, for those of who have never turned an actual page in their life, or have no patience for one of the most basic fundamentals of society: Reading and writing. In the end, it's all about enjoyment and fun, and patience. We are all actors on a stage, improvising. Half the time? I dislike voice-RPers because they have no goddamn thought filters and just say immediately what comes to mind without taking the time to think. Many times, I've heard Voice-RPers exhibit OOC traits that are totally contrasting to their actual character ideas, simply because they just say what comes to mind without taking into account how their characters react believably to certain situations. Text RPers can sometimes use more imagination through actual description and thought process because they take a few moments to consider before they tell their side of the story on this immense stage we share. You only truly know your character when you can drop them into any situation EVER and know EXACTLY how they would react. Keywords: How THEY would react. Not YOU, as an OOC influence. THEM. Not YOU. Your CHARACTER. Not... YOU... get the point. In the end? It is a double-edged sword. I advocate Text-RP, and I always will, because I've done it since I can remember. I am totally open to story-telling no matter what form. But to condemn one or the other? I will criticize in return, no holds barred. The simple idea of actually PUNISHING text-RPers is akin to Trump trying to silence EPA, NASA, and the like. So a huge fucking fat -1 ... Not at your ideas, but the simple fact I've been encouraged by several people to waste my time replying to this pointless thread that you could have instead used a search-function to research upon.
  10. Soon people will be getting banned for BadRP for not replying to someone on the radio chatter thread, from the way it seems to be going lol. I don't see how, even if it's a short and effortless post, it should garner warning points. MAYBE a verbal warning, if we are being that uptight about it. But warning points? Come on. That's ridiculous.
  11. Nothing about this community feels the same as when I first joined. I felt involved, excited and dedicated to contributing. Now I scorn staff, can't stand the attitude of people, and don't have that same sensation of being proud to be apart of this community anymore. It sucks, but that's what happens when it turns into a business instead of an escape for people to forget the hardships of the IRL world for just a few hours. It's no longer an escape, but a Facebook with prison guards.
  12. Wayside Creations is an indie film group that have all their stuff on YouTube. I mean, there might be torrents but it's easier to watch on YouTube. The main series is Nuka Break, but there's also Lanius and uh... Fuck what was it. One about a ranger. They aren't as long as the main series, which is an hour or two. The two spin offs are only like 20 or 30 minutes, iirc. But for being fan made? They are really good. Also, what @House suggested. Yep. Those are all great movies.
  13. Glad to see that the LiF server is absolutely thriving. >_>




    1. SatansNightOut


      There were a lot of ideas that were going to be implemented, but when you take someone else's work and try to pretty it up, change labels and put on a couple extra bells and whistles to call it your own... well, it's easy to misconstrue and lack the ideas and concepts of the original work, considering it wasn't all written down for anyone else to usurp.

      But oh well. On to bigger and better things, ayyy?

    2. SatansNightOut


      Yeah, I understand.

      Though, you might have been---had the original creators of the Lore and event ideas (which I've noticed are attempted to be utilized as well. :T ) stayed in action. :P

  14. The newer Dawn of the Dead is my favorite Romero movie. I'd highly suggest it. Another great post apocalyptic movie is the Postman with Kevin Costner. Really good watch. I Know there are a few others but I can't think of 'em right now. One of my favorite movies is called A Boy and His Dog, which was a huge influence for the Fallout game series. However, it's EXTREMELY low budget and from the 70s, so it's not spectacular visually, but the storyline is original and had a pretty twisted ending. And finally, since I brought it up... There is a Fallout fan made series called Nuka Break. It's got a decent budget for being a fan film and it's pretty entertaining. If you haven't seen it already, and like Fallout, then do yourself a favor and look up the two seasons (and the two "spin offs") on YouTube. Hope at least one of these suggestions helps. Happy watching.
  15. Yeah, I'm pretty much right up there with ya, V. Can't be bothered to find interest in this community or the games. I'd say, I hope to see you around, but uh... I'll probably talk to you again in like five minutes, lol.
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