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  1. Just gonna throw this out there for those who have any misconceptions about myself and Amy Strange.

    She is my brainchild in a long series of different avenues of existence in multiple dimensions. I created her, but she tells her own story and I follow along as best I can as her brain-father. One day, I will write a novel about her multiverse experiences. I'll stop procrastinating on Monday, I swear.

    I am, in fact, truly Satan in real life. She is just a character. Don't be surprised. ?

    1. Wulf


      I feel like I've met a Miss Strange but i dont know where.

  2. I love theeeese. And you are just an absolute treasure to hang out with, Ellie.
  3. I was the one that resuscitated you, but I didnt know the others. I had just met them moments prior. As far as I'm aware they were expecting a threat to show up and shotgun wielder asked you several times who you were and if you were with anyone. And then he initiated on you and gave you about a minute to reply, but you never did. Maybe you accidentally muted or some other error but we didnt hear anything from you at all after the first few garbled words.
  4. Amy Strange's voice emerges onto the radio waves, sounding curious and intrigued. "Ooh, a riddle. Hmm...I suppose I'm not doing anything important today. Time to solve this mystery! Who's with me?" When no one immediately responds, she scoffs. "You kittens aren't any fun. Fine, I'll be a super sleuth on my ownsome." Bzzt.
  5. I was talking with Staggs (missed you so much!) recently to collaborate with his amazing ideas and it was a fun get together that I feel would be a creative dynamic in the world. LMs have some fun in store. So as long as the server is stable, I think some unique events can be expected when tools are reinstated. ?
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