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  1. Rick Stone 54 years old born and raised on the streets of San Francisco... Rick Stone raised by his father Mike Stone in the mission district till the passing of his father when Rick was 16. Rick was then forced to the streets without any family or a roof over his head. It was hard at first for Rick but he learned that if he looked in the right spots he could find enough food and supplies to get by ..Rick lived like this for a few years till he work his way out of the gutter and found a job. Rick started working for a overseas shipping company and became a longshoreman... Rick being a loner all his life, he never set roots and called a single place home after he left San Francisco . Rick spent his years on the sea going all over the world till the morning he came into port at Elekktrozavodsk ...After being on the ship for the last two week he headed straight to the bar. At the bar he could hear people talking about strange things that were going on in the north but thought they must be drunk...That next morning all hell broke loose ..Rick has now gone back to his old ways. like the days he fought to survive on the streets of San Francisco...Eating things no man should, doing things that would make you a normal man cry all while trying to keep some sliver of hope that things my go back the way they were.
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