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  1. This character was trying to go back from a mission he had in Georgia (he was in the military) but the helicopter he was in suddenly crashed in Chernarus, now, he is trying to survive and also help others while waiting for someone to rescue him. Usually a friendly guy, that likes to chill in small villages around Stary/Novy Sobor, usually has a full backpack of medical supplies and food and will also be wearing medical clothers like surgical gloves or full blue/green/red medical suit. Doesn`t really use heavy weapons, small pistols with a silencer or an SMG/Sniper. He will hunt animals to craft packpacks or to get food, will do fireplaces in very open spaces during the night so he can lure others that might need help or want to trade. He is not thinking about building a big base, maybe just a few stashes here and there, he is not looking to create a group but he is willing to join one if anyone invites him.
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