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  1. my charater is 27 years old and before the outbreak he was a game developer in Chernarus who is from America but moved here because of his job, so at the time he would have been 25. Liam is an average person extreamly introverted not used to have to many freinds (i promise i wont make this to edgy) and he goes by the online alias of Retr0 base of of his second favorite, first being aidan perice, Watch Dogs Character from Watch Dogs 2 Marcus or also known as Retr0 online. before the outbreak he had a girlfriend and his best friends Dyaln and Zach, basically his only family because his sister and his little brother died in a car accident at the age 13. which sent his mother into a depression and eventually dieing froma hear attack because of stress. he doesnt know where his dad is anymore he lost track of him about 3 years after moving out when Liam was 19. Liam was planning on proposing to Stephanie the day before everything went to hell. Liam doesnt mind not having a lot of friends and he doesn't care about making new ones he loves the ones he has and it killed him to lose his fiance to a pack of zombies not to soon after the days after the outbreak. he doesnt knwo where dylan and zach are and after 2 years nothing have returned to normal surviving off of scraps always hiding from people. he would go up to people more but he has a hard time talking to them. he never trained for any of this he loves technology and there ain't much of that int the apocalypse. he has only ever made games about this and now he must live in one.
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