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  1. Dont have either of those things, nor do i spend all of the time looting, or really much of it at all
  2. as a new player here its honestly disheartening to see just hoarding and random nonsense raiding/pvp. you have a great opportunity to meet people and do fun stuff and create a really great narrative. and its SUPER EASY TO FIND PEOPLE if you want to raid: real talk, why are you on an RP server?
  3. Before the war, I was a mechanic. I got conscripted into the CDF to work on equipment. As time wore on and numbers got thin I was slowly put to work caring for people instead. while not a "medic" by training, people mechanic is more fitting. If you can fix a tractor, you can probably fix a broken leg. During the war my family was killed by a russian air strike. Now left a broken man, with little way to repair myself I set my mind to repairing equipment. After the war, in 2010 I scraped together what little I had to open a tractor service shop in Berzino. It was not enough to just repair tractors, buisness was slow. I branched out into lawn appliances and generators. I've been known to work on cars, but they are a little too modern for my tastes. its not much, but its honest work. I'm not a violent man by trade, but a man about fixing, and rebuilding. I'd like to see my home country rebuilt, and the people of it. I think theres still hope out there, somewhere
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