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  1. That pretty much sums it all up. Myself and Pashka were on overwatch out on the dam side. We approached the base and stayed on watch before making a move into the base for roughly 10 minutes. Our boys then moved in to start taking down the gate. After some time of discusising the loot, which itself was outside in crates and tents, a player logged in and interacted with Hawg, Pudge, and Pashka. I couldn't hear the exchange myself as I was a good distance away, but I most certainly heard and looked for the firefight. There was a brief moment of panic once the fight ended and we scrambled to gather our fallen comrades equipment and loot. At this point I had left my position and came in the camp. We gathered just about everything we could into the vehicles we left with. Pretty much as I entered the camp and began to gather what I could the server went down. It was extremely frustrating, but nothing exactly could be done about it. At that point we came back in the server and hauled our loot out. We split up into a few cars, one of which (mine) crashed into a tree a few towns over. DayZ's driving is anything but stable. I then got back in the car with Pudge and we pulled back into our camp. I don't believe I'm missing anything other than Pashka and myself making fun of the way Zombies dressed. That conversation got personal and hurtful, Pashka. tl;dr I was out in the woods to the (West?) I don't exactly remember the cardinal direction it was. I was not there during the firefight exactly as I was on overwatch around the outside after Paska (@ParadymShift) had moved in. After the firefight which ended dear Hawg's life I moved in because we needed all hands on deck to get out quick. At which point the server crashed on us and a lot of gear went into the void. It was unfortunate, but hardly something done out of malice.
  2. Mishka Sobol was a culinary student fresh out of Italy. He grew up knowing very well that Russian cuisine lacks... quite a bit. His family took a holiday in Sicily when he was a boy and he fell in love with everything about the country. The smell, the look, the age, but more importantly; the food. So, he returned when he was a young man, determined to become an aspiring chef. He did just that and immigrated to Chernarus to open up a restaurant to fuel his passion. When the outbreak was in full force, he fled his small cafe in Chernogorsk and went north. Several travelers had met him on the road, the kind-hearted chef. Mishka was not afraid, after all he knew many of these people. They would greet him in the morning as he pressed his pasta dough. He grew a nickname, the "Spaghetti Man", Mishka Spaghetti.
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