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  1. sick

    Waiting out the rain

    that's such a bad spot for a campfire
  2. *All you can hear when tuning into the frequency is static. If you leave it on for good enough, or are lucky to tune in at the right time, you are able to hear the following with static in the background.* "*whispers* My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise." *After the very short message, static gets louder again for numerous long hours. The message isn't repeated periodically and is usually broadcasted every 4-12 hours.*
  3. I have always disliked people. They all thought I was strange. My mother was really the only person I could talk to, and when she died, I felt terrible. I've never awaken from the horror I felt that day. It was haunting me my whole life. But it all changed that one day. That one day, when I had found what I undoubtedly needed, yet wasn't looking for. ... Or atleast what's become of it. People say I am a madman. I say I'm just paying attention to things others overlook. People say I was cursed. I say I was blessed. People say I need professional help. I say they need my help instead.
  4. sick

    Welcome to Deer Isle

    They’re just wrong. I’m Czech too. I’ll forward you the mistakes and I’m sure you’ll understand. @PaulB would too.
  5. sick

    Welcome to Deer Isle

    @Roland you've got plenty of grammatical mistakes in the locations. I'm hoping they'll be fixed ASAP for immersion. I've PM'd them to you.
  6. Love the immersion and focus on the character story. Keep it up!
  7. Addition: He did not properly roleplay gun fear. Realistically he should've complied as he was aimed at by an automatic rifle that he would've been torn apart by. I understand this isn't the first rule violation on OpticVC's account, hence he likely has a mentality suggesting this kind of ingame behaviour.
  8. I would like to point out that @OpticVC did not run behind any cover prior to taking his weapon out. He took it out right infront of me, there was no way he could've ran behind cover and still shoot me from 3 meters, as we were in a hallway in the barracks, which is very long.
  9. Server and location: S1: Military base in Dichina (I'm not 100% sure) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 18:00 Your in game name: Viktor Mrazek Names of allies involved: Noone. Name of suspect/s: Unknown, no initiation happened and I didn't even hear his voice. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No vehicles were involved. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): My computer isn't the best, I can't run DayZ properly with a recording software running; hence I have no evidence, but I trust logs will serve fine. Detailed description of the events: So I was looting through a military base, and all of a sudden I hear someone running around in the building I'm in. I build a good angle and keep aiming, waiting for the person to come. As soon I got visual and realized the person has no gun out, I said "Stop right there, freeze!" And repeated the pharse a few times. I got no response other than the person stopping a meter away from me facing me, when all of a sudden he took out a wepon and shot me dead. There was no initiation from his side whatsoever. Keep in mind my character wasn't planning on causing any harm, and was justifying his actions rather as being cautious, and making sure strangers are no harm to him, before continuing on his way (I roleplay Viktor as someone very secretive and distrustful).
  10. sick

    Testing a new map on S2

    Also the Deer Isle map doesn’t spawn working vehicles with all parts (only missing gas), as opposed to the main S1 Chernarus+ map. Didn’t know where else to write this, as I found no Bug Reports section.
  11. sick

    Testing a new map on S2

    This is wierd. Do I have to roleplay the same character there? Maybe turn off persistance and enable players to have a character for each server; I don’t see how people could magically teleport between islands.
  12. Viktor Mrázek is a 37 years old caucasian male born in South Zagoria, Chernarus. He was orphaned at a very early age, due to his parents dying in an unfortunate plane crash. He spend his childhood in the orphanage and was released at the age of 18. He ran back and forth and changed his homeplace very often, living the first years of his adult life rather nomadic. He stayed in Chernarus, due to not having enough money to move out. He switched jobs alot, as most of them didn't have a very pleasant paygrade, or work environment. At age 34, after struggling to live for years and years, he decided to quit his job and start selling drugs. That started making him some decent money and he decided he'd like his life to stay that way. Unfortunately, the outbreak came. He fled the city and since then has been hiding out in the woods.
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