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  1. I completely agree. I think it's possible to maintain a "safezone" for all the social roleplay, whilst also having the rest of the map open for players who seek other types of roleplay. It kind of keeps a good balance. The civilian ones can wander off into the dangerous outlands from time to time, and the outlanders can travel into the "safezone" to meet up, get social, or trade whatever they stole off of a harmless civilian in the outlands two days ago, that just wanted to find himself a new backpack. Apocalyptic communities from other games I've played on usually had this concept, and I think there's a reason for it. That's because it works. Imagine if the Exclusion Zone turned into an actual properly working "safezone". Factions could spark up that are based solely in the exclusion zone, maybe in different parts of the city. Markets could spark up, pubs, gangs, drug dealers... The options are endless.
  2. The quality of the textures is a big no-no.
  3. *A deep voice with a Chernarussian accent is heard on the radio* I have hope. You should too.
  4. sick


    Alongside notes and bills, let us store small sized items in them, such as drug baggies. Wallets are widely used for hiding items. Don’t take that feature away.
  5. Ilya Burdukovsky, born in 1990 in Moscow, Russia was a single child raised by both parents in a middle-class household. He got through elementary and high school without any major problems. He was always an energetic kid with plenty of enthusiasm. He then started studying Philosophy, but dropped out, because he wasn't satisfied with the college. After dropping out, he applied for Politsiya, and got enrolled into the academy. He had achieved the rank of Constable six weeks before the major outbreak spiked in numbers. After the police force was disbanded, he was forced to go to his summer cottage, which he used with two of his friends as a hideout. A couple months later, he recieved a letter; a call to arms. He had been asked to join the newfounded Politsiya in South Zagoria, Chernarus.
  6. Looking forward to meeting you lot ingame!
  7. Matvei Kuklin, shortened to Kuk, is a 30 year old caucasian male born in Moscow, Russia. He was born to a young couple on the 20th of June,1980. They were both still studying, and his birth forced his mother to stop working in order to raise him. She was 21 at the time. The father kept working to provide for his child and newly announced wife. Matvei was raised in a rather lower-class environment, but attended school and turned out to be very intelligent. Unfortunately, his parents divorced when he was 11, so he was raised by a single mother since then. He promised her he would provide for them both when he finishes studying. He was a great linguist, and he was deeply into languages and communication, so that's what he decided he would study. After finishing high school, he attended a college and got a bachelor's degree in Community Outreach & Politics. The college didn't satisfy his needs of learning another language, so he started taking language courses and he started traveling a lot. He traveled around Eastern Europe and studied the languages. Throughout his travels, he worked and regularly sent money to his mother, helping her maintain. He was already speaking English well, when he became fluent in Ukranian and Turkish. In 2016 he travelled to Chernarus, despite the political issues it was facing. He got a temporary recidence in Chernarus and started studying Chernarussian. He had finally decided he wants to leave Chernarus, and only had to wait until his job contract ran out, which was scheduled to end in December 2020. Unfortunately, the outbreak became a thing and Matvei became stranded in Chernarus. He wanted to wait the storm out, and thought that he'd be able to go home soon, but that certainly didn't happen. The society in Chernarus fell apart and Matvei was left to survive there with zero to none to hope for.
  8. I’m all up for this, as long as there’s no stability issues. It’s not worth it if it causes crashes and whatnot.
  10. Saveliy, further described as Sava was born in Chernarus. His childhood was normal, and so was his social and professional life up until the major outbreak. He was a quiet person, someone you'd overlook in a crowd. Someone who fits in. But he was satisfied like that. Sava worked as a janitor in a football stadium and hunted in his spare time.Since the outbreak, Sava has become somewhat of a lone wolf. He spent all of the time in the outbreak in his mountain hideout he used to have as a summer cottage. Now his supplies are running low and he's forced into the wilderness.
  11. sick

    Waiting out the rain

    that's such a bad spot for a campfire
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