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  1. Viktor Mrázek is a 37 years old caucasian male born in South Zagoria, Chernarus. He was orphaned at a very early age, due to his parents dying in an unfortunate plane crash. He spend his childhood in the orphanage and was released at the age of 18. He ran back and forth and changed his homeplace very often, living the first years of his adult life rather nomadic. He stayed in Chernarus, due to not having enough money to move out. He switched jobs alot, as most of them didn't have a very pleasant paygrade, or work environment. At age 34, after struggling to live for years and years, he decided to quit his job and start selling drugs. That started making him some decent money and he decided he'd like his life to stay that way. Unfortunately, the outbreak came. He fled the city and since then has been hiding out in the woods.
  2. sick

    KOS/RDM Lapotino Castle

    My ingame name is Artemiy Vedenin and I'd hereby like to include my point of view in this situation. After a lengthy roleplay situation with other NATO members, most of them logged off whilst I remained on the server. Because I was the only one, I went looting to NWAF. As soon as I approached our base, I heard footsteps inside. I soon find out they're not members of my group, but they're strangers, thanks to gaining visibility on some of them. I then decide to back off and wait out until they leave, as my character was in huge headcount disadvantage. After backing off, I immediately broadcast a radio message through our IC discord frequency, informing my mates about the incident and calling for backup. Noone came, so I decided to go back on my own after some time. As I came back about twenty minutes later, I found the base empty. I scouted around, looked through the inside of the base for a while, and out of a sudden I spot @CocoMii running out of one of our stash towers. Out of reflex, with gun in hand, I take aim at her and make sure she isn't hostile. As soon as I find out she isn't, I lower my weapon and continue in a more friendly manner. A few seconds later, I'm being aimed at by her friend @Thinisede. I get captured and am held hostage. I get robbed of my weapons and valuable gear, including food, only left with my knife hidden in my assault boots. I try to calm the situation down as best as I can and get myself out of the restraints after acting very compliant. They proceed to ask whether this is my base numerous times, and I lie, trying to avoid any problems (specifically; I thought about the possibility of being tortured to gain access to the codelocks or similar). I get the feeling they caught me on my lie, thinking my replies weren't trustworthy enough. They catch sight of the cars and ironically ask: "So I guess if this isn't your base you wouldn't mind if we take these cars?". After this was said, I was almost certain they've called my bluff, clearly making fun of knowing this is my base. They start entering the car, repairing it and trying to steal it. After some time, out of a sudden, I hear shots coming from one of our towers, obviously being aimed to hit @Thinisede (as he was about to pass the interior gate towards the outer one). I immediately realize someone must've received my message and decided to help out. I remain neutral, lying to the captors about knowing who shot. After some time, they both get gunned down and I am freed.
  3. I just assume you keep bases realistic and can build basically wherever. Frequent places equals bigger chance of being raided, ergo hidden bases are more convenient.
  4. sick

    Operation Molotok [RP-PvP] - Lore Event

    Character Name: Gustav Liška Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Sniper/Spotter Which Lore Faction?: CDF Lore Faction staff?: Yes; Conrad Murdock isn't my real character Group Name: N/A Primary Phase: Phase 2 Reserve Phase: Phase 3 (hope I've still got time)
  5. sick

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    I like this. Hoping to interact with y'all soon enough.
  6. IGN: Artemiy Vedenin (clickable link) Age: 18; nearly 19. Country: Czech Republic (Bohemia Interactive's homeplace <3) English skills: Fluent, with an American accent; thanks to my job as a receptionist in a hotel DayZ Mod Experience: 4 years DayZ Standalone Experience: Bought it two years ago; started actively playing a while ago Roleplaying Experience: Seasoned roleplay veteran, years of experience Have you been in any clan/group previously: No. Best way to contact you: Discord sick#8021 or forum PM.
  7. sick

    oi whats up

    Hey, I'm sick, and even though I'm a seasoned roleplay veteran with years of experience (SA-MP mostly), I've only now stumbled upon DayZRP. I can't wait to see you everyone ingame.
  8. Artemiy Vedenin is a fourty nine years old male born in Svetlojarsk, Chernarus. He worked as a hunter whilst also owning a butcher shop, where he sold some of the meat from the animals he hunted. The rest of the animal remainings he had caught usually went to small-time businessmen, as Artemiy liked to keep his business small. He had managed to illegally leave Chernarus at the beginning of the major infection outbreak, and move to the Netherlands, a country with one of the best public health care systems in the world, where he hoped to live a better life. Originally, he planned to leave with his younger brother; Stepan Vedenin. Unfortunately for them, things didn't quite go as planned as Stepan was forced to stay in Chernarus to protect his wife and children, who were unable to leave. Artemiy had hope that the disease would stay in quarantine and not spread into the Netherlands and other countries, but he was wrong. As he lost hope, and exile life in the Netherlands started to bore him, he had decided to go back to Chernarus, hoping to find his brother and spend the rest of his life with him. He had just arrived to Chernarus and has yet to think of a way to find his beloved brother.
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