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  1. I am From Virginia, when the outbreak happened my brother was in prison for murder, Our parents passed away the shitty house they called home that we never accepted as home is now my home, Im alone my older brother i was sure had died in prison. I was tending a garden and hunting daily. Killing infected when our paths crossed i got pretty good at it, hell i had a nack for it. I was surviving most of all. When i was young me and my brother grew up in a survival scenerio, parents dope heads never had food in the house, we hunted and forged for many many meals, we spent more time in the woods than home. It was the best home ive known even with the outbreak it felt amazing.When my brother escaped he headed straight for me it took awhile but he made it, I was low on supplies and as much as i didnt want to leave the only home ive known we left and we walked for ages, we ended up in florida after sometime. there was a dock gated off it was a strong hold for survivors a cruise ship was the home of many people and outside was the lower of the people me and my borther where among them one night sever sick passed and infected rose, the infection spread quick we made it onto the ship it left port we ended up in europe we got off the cruise ship and got on a fishing boat and left ended up out of fuel and running low on supplies, we where stuck nowhere to go nothing to eat or drink 4 of the longest days we've had in our lives was on that boat before landing on this continent im not sure quit where we landed but it was the most beautiful place after seeing nothing but ocean we and that was our start hear we gathered what supplies we could find and just ate and stayed still for a few days then started following the coast and ended up here in cherno.
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