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  1. Born in Chernarus, Nikolai lost his parents to a tragic car accident during a winter snowstorm at the age of 5. Nikolai was then taken in by an American couple who were nearby when the accident occurred. Going back to the couple's vacation house near the coast, the three were forced to stay indoors for almost a full week due to the tremendous snowfall. Dr. and Mrs. Patterson loved having Nikolai with them during those cold nights, and eventually decided to adopt the young orphan. After a month, once the snow began to melt, the new family went back to their home in Seattle, Washington. There Nikolai was fully Americanized, learning English and attending school like any other child. He quickly developed interests in both American baseball and hunting. The best times of his life have been either at a minor league baseball game or out in the countryside, hunting with his adoptive father. Nikolai's memories of his life in Chernarus slowly began to fade away as he grew older. Much later, Nikolai's childhood memories came flooding back to him when he started learning about the Chernarussian civil war while he was studying at Penn State. It was like he discovered a whole part of himself that he never knew existed once he started learning more about the conflict in his classes. He then vowed he would eventually go back to Chernarus and learn as much as possible about his homeland. After graduating with a degree in Sociology, Nikolai booked a flight to Chernarus to study there and learn more about his people. Only after one month in country, Nikolai started hearing the panicked broadcasts on the radio and television. While he still could not speak his native language, the message was clear enough for anyone to understand. Something horrible is happening to the world . . .
  2. Name's Garrett Callahan, Former U.S. Army Ranger, then military contractor, then unemployed after doing this military work for too damn long. Do not get me wrong, I ain't some PTSD nut case, I just needed to get back to the real civilized world. I decided to do some civilian traveling. I wanted to see the world again but not get shot at in the process (at least that was the plan before all this crap went down). While my work never took me to Chenrnarus, I always wanted to visit since a jar head friend of my did a tour there during the war. Said the place was beautiful when we wasn't calling in artillery fire on insurgents. After finishing up a month long camping trip in the Mediterranean isles, I decided to check out this small country. One of my talents that I discovered while in the service was mercantilism. Yeah, didn't see that one coming did ya? Spending time in farmer's markets, bazaars, and town centers while on tour was quite the learning experience. I spent time selling and bartering with the best of them while working security or recon. A few of my teammates started calling me "disc" after managing to haggle a swath of bootleg DVD's in exchange for a single MRE. I figured after I found some place nice to settle down, I would try to open up a small shop and sell what ever I could get my hands on, like a pawn shop I guess. Well that was the plan before I found myself stuck in this country and content to deal with a horrible disease that makes people go mad. Looks like I may have to give the wandering merchant life a try. I doubt staying one place for too long will work out in this hell hole.
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