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  1. Henry was born in a small farm town on the 3rd of September 1948 in Nebraska. He was the youngest son of 3 brothers, Tom (4 years older) and Jack Moore (2 years older) and grew up as a normal 3rd born in those days; with hand-me-downs and cloths that never fit right. Henry's father had recently returned from the war when Henry was born, and Henry grew up listening to the stories his Dad's Army buddies would tell when they would come visit. Farm life wasn't easy, and the boys all learned the value of a hard days work. They learned how to hunt, and skin game, and learned to not be wasteful, as the animal had given it's life for you and as Pop always said "you best not waste a hair off its back Son." The year was 1967 and his father had been buried for a year now. The same month that Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu married in Las Vegas, Henry enlisted. At 19 years old he had somehow not been drafted in the first year of his 18th birthday. He remembered his father and the many stories he'd overheard sitting on the steps of the house, and something told him he needed to do it. As Pop always said, " be the master of your own destiny." Basic Training was tough, but the many years of work on the farm made it an easy indoctrination for Henry. He soon proved himself at the many military skills he was learning and graduated as the Top Marksman in his class and in late December he shipped off to Fort Benning, GA for Sniper School. In January 1968 Henry arrived in Vietnam. On the first day of the Lunar New Year the Tet Offensive began. Henry just turned 71 and does't talk about Vietnam. He actually doesn't like to really talk at all. He was visiting a long time friend Charles in Cherno when the blackout happened.
  2. I have a mic at my set up at home but am currently deployed. Thanks for the advise.
  3. Just a quick question to make sure i'm doing this correctly. Unfortunately I am away from home for an extended amount of time and do not have a mic to use for the server (plus I have to be quiet all the time). So in game I've modeled my character's backstory to basically not be able to talk. I'm getting pretty good with the emote wheel and I carry around either a piece of paper or a journal with me for me to RP writing things down to communicate. When I do this do I just type in game via the text bar? Does it need to be prefaced with // or is that for out of character chat. Is the chat itself localized too or is it server wide? I have been using a * to indicate an action like : *"writes vigorously on the journal etc then just texting normally as if I had written the stuff in a page. Hope I'm at least close! Just want to make sure I'm not messing it up and hurting other's RP experience. Thanks!
  4. My name is Hansel Longbau, but people call me Doc Longbow. I am a military veteran with multiple deployments to combat. But that was a different life. After my service I decided I wanted to settle down in a quiet place on the country side and find a new life. I decided I wanted to become a veterinary and after a few years I finished my schooling (#doubleVET). I opened a small practice in a rural town some hours away from Cherno. I really enjoyed working with animals and found a lot of satisfaction in my work. One night I when I was having a glass of scotch, I received an urgent call from the local farmer Mr Johnson: "Huns, Hanzi... Dammint Dr. Longbow! Come quick! It's Damian , I came home and he...he....he's not breathing! (Damian was of course his prized sheep herding Otter)." I sprinted to my car, a racing red 1979 Lada Riva, throwing my leather veterinary bag in the back seat as i fumbled with my keys. The drive felt like it took ages. It was only 4 miles from my house but it felt like an eternity. No sooner had I pulled into his long dirt driveway when my dim yellow headlights silhouetted the farmer and the lifeless animal in hands. I quickly grabbed my bag and took the animal from the farmer's trembling hands as we ran inside. "Quick, lay him on the table" The Otter was limp and i could tell didn't have much life left in him. I grabbed my tiny defibrillator from my bag and began wiring the electrical leads onto the fur of the small creature. "CLEAR!" I yelled as I pulsed him once, then twice. Nothing. I turned up the voltage. "CLEAR!" A third time. Still nothing. "Dammit, we're going to do this the old fashion way!" I yelled as I grabbed my scalpel. I made a neat incision starting below the animals neck. I opened the cut just enough to get my thumb and pointer in his chest. I felt his still heart and began to massage it. One, Two, Three, Four. Come on Little Guy, COME ON. DAMMIT DON'T YOU LEAVE US DAMIAN!!!! Then I felt it, a little murmur; building, then it began to pulse. He was back, his heart between my fingers. Thump. Thump. Thump. The farmers tears were still wet when he thanked me for my work. As he should my hand and came close to give me a hug, he reeled back and exclaimed "You... You smell like booze! Did you just conduct open heart surgery on my prized Damian DRUNK! With one swing he cracked me in the jaw. I felt a snap when things went dark. I woke up in the local hospital writhing in pain. The dotors told me my jaw was broken in 7 places and I would need to see a specialist 7 hours away in Chernarus if I ever wanted to eat solid food again. The next day I was transferred by ambulance to the hospital in Cherno. The jaw doctors let me know that I required immediate surgery to lockwire my jaw shut for it to heal properly. As the anesthesiologist counted down from 10 thought about how Damian was doing 9 and hoped wondered what would happen 8 to my practice if people 7 found out I worked on a patient 6 with alcohol in my system 5.... The world went black. I opened my eyes and was alone. The curtains were torn, hospital equipment was scattered across the floor. Broken glass and blood. Was it My Blood? No I was fine. I tried to yell out to the nurse, but nothing. I couldn't move my mouth. As I wandered out of the hospital I looked onto a very different world then when I entered.
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