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  1. At 17, Rob enlisted in the British Army. At the early stages of his career he proved him an excellent shoot and was trained as a marksmen. After his training he was assigned to the Black Watch Royal Regiment of Scotland. He saw conflict in Afghanistan and received many commendations for his service. Half way through his tour he was promoted to Sergeant after he successful evacuated his squad from a hospital after their squad lead was wounded. After the conflict he returned home to Glasgow where spent some time training new recruits which got him promoted to Company Sergeant. When news of the outbreak came out Rob was one of the first soldiers sent as part of the NATO task force. The British task force sent was relatively small so they assigned to assist the US task forces. Two squads of the Black Watch where dispatched with the US Marines to the Elektrozavodsk area to suppress the zombie hordes. Due to Rob's skills as a marksman he was assigned to provide sniper cover for a Marines squad for the rooftops of Elektro, however the hordes could not be stopped and the city was over run. Running low on ammo and with his squad dead Rob had to make it back to the staging ground of there assault, but when he arrived he found it abandoned. Left for dead, Rob's only goal now is survival and, with a little hope, regroup with fellow task force members trapped on this doomed land.
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