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  1. I am From Virginia, when the outbreak happened I was in prison doing serious time when the infected came to the prison the guards started getting overran. In a attempt to hold them back all cell doors where opened i quickly pushed my way out and headed straight to the woods i survived off of foriging and hunting. When i was young me and my brother grew up in a survival scenerio, parents dope heads never had food in the house, we hunted and forged for many many meals, we spent more time in the woods than home. I went to Prison for first degree murder, I was wondering through the woods with my younger brother and seen someone walking through the woods, dressed nice and had a fancy pistol to his side. I wanted it damnit i wanted everything he had. I lifted my old single shot huntiing riffle, aimed at his chest and shot. My brother was shook. I was shook and then shrugged that away walked to the body reach down and seen the nicest pistol i ever seen, chrome body pearly handles it was a 1911 searched pockets pulled out his wallet a badge was there, he was a sherriff, more where scattered in the woods they where on a man hunt, they found a boy,, Me I went to juivie till 18 then transfered over. When i escaped i headed straight to my brother it took awhile but i made it, we walked for ages, we ended up in florida after sometime. there was a dock gated off it was a strong hold for survivors a cruise ship was the home of many people and outside was the lower of the people me and my borther where among them one night sever sick passed and infected rose, the infection spread quick we made it onto the ship it left port we ended up in europe we got off the cruise ship and got on a fishing boat and left ended up north of cherno we got off and went to the woods forged and have survived since now we wondered to more populated areas and ended up on the coast near cherno
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