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  1. ImJimmy

    Soup Kitchen

    Lovely place to meet and talk to new people!
  2. ImJimmy

    The Whyos

    Excited to be running with you guys <3.
  3. This looks really good, I really hope to see these types of patches in-game!
  4. This mod looks great! Only thing which concerns me is the sleeping part, maybe tweaking this would make it even better.
  5. ImJimmy

    Page 20

    Really enjoy reading these, very artistic and imaginative.
  6. James was born in Newcastle with a strong education and upbringing. His farther, Stuart wanting him to join the British Army, following his footsteps. James's mother, Jasmine wasn't too happy with him joining the Army, and was worried for his well being. James did really well in High School and was proceeding to college. He really enjoyed the anatomy of the body and how the bones and muscles function and work the body, this really fascinated him. He went to College and did his Health and Social Care qualification before he applied for the Army. At 18 James did his basic training, and wanted to be a Combat Medical Technician. The role of a Combat Medical Technician was to be able to give first aid on the battlefield, supporting the people who were at the front line of the attacks. Being a Medical Technician required you to stay calm and to stay safe in different situations, which was really difficult and wasn't easy to do. James loved his role in the Army, he loved the excitement and the adrenaline that was assigned to his role, he loved saving Soldiers. James was out in a place called Livonia, it was himself and a few of his other Army friends. They wanted a place where there's a lot of wildlife and a lot of camping involved, this seemed perfect. James heard over the news on his phone about the vicious attacks that were happening in Russia, he didn't seem to fused about the whole situation and brushed it off his shoulders. It wasn't until 2 months later, when the ruthless infection started to spread across into different countries. James didn't understand too much about the infection, however he understood that it made people act crazy, that was only the videos he had seen. A State of Emergency was called by the Livonia President after the infection started to spread internationally and the Livonian Defence Force was quickly deployed around the country. James was unable to leave the country to go back to the UK because of all the Airports were closed off and any planes that landed were quickly apprehended under quarantine. James was getting worried and this infection was getting more serious by the day, infecting thousands daily.
  7. Jimmy Cerrone's POV: We ventured quite far, looking for bases in the South. As Nova stated, we do look towards radio towers to see if there's any bases there or in the nearby. We stumbled across this radio tower base, noticed someone was in it, because of the campfire. We tried to make contact, and one of our members knew the voices in which was talking to us inside. We quickly got our guns out as we were quite suspicious about the man at the top of the radio tower aiming down towards the front gate where we were, and like I said one of our members recognised one of their voices, in which was a Cartel member. The initiation dropped and I got killed in the first minute of the fight by a friendly grenade as shown in the logs. I do not have any video evidence of the situation.
  8. ImJimmy

    Baiting Sitnik

    Jimmy Cerrone's POV: After speaking with a few people in the Soup Kitchen, we decided to go towards the Church to see the Irish in Sitnik. Not much information happened on my side, I was pretty much at the front gate listening to the Irish man. I did eventually crash just outside the gate, as shown in the logs, but I quickly got back in. Once I got in, I saw a few of our guys boosting, trying to get in the base. I continued to roam around the area, looking in nearby houses, when I heard "All hands up." I pulled out my gun and tried listening to my radio, which was a ton of noises at the start. I tried peaking to see what was going on inside and to see if anyone was at the watchtower inside the base. I eventually ran towards the Police building side and was shot from there.
  9. A Born Fighter.. Jimmy was born in Denver, Colorado, brought up by his two parents Karen, his mother, and John, his farther. Jimmy had a strong up bringing, he had the education and care he needed. Growing up Jimmy wanted to live his life to the fullest, "Do anything and everything." That's what he would tell people. Around his teen days he started helping his farther fixing cars, he loved how cars operate and the engineering behind them. He got a little bit of money doing this and helping with his dad, however it wasn't something he was looking to do full time. Jimmy was making quite a few friends in school, all of them doing different types of things, Gaming, playing Soccer and some were interesting in combat sports, mixed martial arts they called it. Jimmy was unfamiliar with this term, but he enjoyed psychical sports. He started watching his friends performing it at school, trying to take each other down, perform submission holds, he was definitely intrigued. Jimmy started taking classes, learning all different types of combat, boxing, kickboxing and even grappling and wrestling, he loved it. During his mid teens he got into a few scrappy fights, outside of school, most of the fights were over petty stuff which he shouldn't be worrying about. When Jimmy was 18, he got a job at the local supermarket to try and get a bit of money in. He was still doing MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) at the time and had won a few of his amateur fights. Things were looking good for Jimmy at his age. A few years down the line Jimmy got offered a professional contract from a local MMA company, which will allow him to perform and fight for money, he was definitely interested. He signed the contract within a heartbeat and his first fight was months away. The First Fight.. Jimmy was only 20 minutes away from his first professional fight, nerves were getting the best of him, he wanted to make his family proud, he wanted people to know he could fight. Shaking his hands, he got more nervous as one of the officials were wrapping his hands. He heard his name call and then proceeded to walk out, instantly seeing his parents waving at him. There wasn't many people there, just some people wrapped up and drinking beer. As he was approaching the cage, he was stopped by one of the officials to check if he had anything on him, this made him even more anxious. The official gave the "all clear" and he continued to walk. Seeing his opponent on the opposite side of the cage, he got excited and a burst of Adrenalin went through his body as he stared ready to fight. The sound of a small bell from the side caught his ears and he edged forward to touch his opponents glove. First round Jimmy came out aggressive, knowingly trying to take his head off, his coach in the corner explaining that he needs to calm down on the punches and ease into them. His opponent took Jimmy down and Jimmy noticed a submission opening, he managed to secure the submission and make his opponent tap out. Filled with emotions he got back up and started to celebrate, he loved this. Adventures.. A few years down the line, Jimmy had won 5 of his professional fights and lost only once. Jimmy loved going on adventures and travelling, he loves riding horses and going snow boarding. Jimmy's dad was getting old and he wanted to show him the world. They first went to Spain to enjoy the hot weather, which they were not used too. In Spain they visited Barcelona, the views there were amazing and Jimmy was really glad he brought his dad along to see this. From Spain they went Poland and visited Warsaw. Warsaw was a great city with many history about WWII. It was very intriguing to see all these places and buildings which would of been effected by the WWII. From Poland they went to Russia Chernarus where they were met with amazing views and beautiful green grasses. Day 3 Jimmy and his farther were West of Chernarus, pretty close to a place called Pavlovo. They heard about the vicious breakout attacks happening in the North, Jimmy wanted to get his farther out of the country before anything could happen, but he had no contact with anyone. Jimmy and his farther were living off the animals close to them. He was quite familiar using a hunting rifle, since he used it often at home. Day 21 While Jimmy was out hunting one evening, he noticed a bunch of gunshot coming from the south. He tried to get back to his cabin, in which he built up for protection to see if his farther is alright. When he got there, he was shocked. All the place ransacked and destroyed, broken into and forgotten. He noticed his farther on the floor, cowering away, beat up and bruised. Jimmy knew he wasn't going to survive, he wanted to know who did this, he wanted revenge. Jimmy was last seen near Polana a few years later.
  10. ImJimmy

    New Haven

    Really excited for this! Amazing job @ImNovaaa and @ImBlisna
  11. Born and raised in Alabama, Jimmy had a rough childhood, with his mother (Mary) and farther (Derrick) constantly fighting and arguing. He had got kicked out of school, since he was constantly staying at home and skipping out school days to hang around with his friends. Jimmy was influenced by the drink quite early in his life, a lot earlier than his parents hoped. Growing up he eventually got into drugs, gangs and guns. Derrick knew he had to do something to help Jimmy. This is when he introduced him to Boxing. Boxing at his age, he just thought it was an excuse to punch people in the face and get away with it, however he was wrong. Jimmy's mother Mary was really becoming ill and sick, Jimmy could sense something was wrong. Only one year past until she passed away sadly and this had a real effect on Jimmy's life. Derrick was also really impacted by the sudden death of his wife, this got him back into drinking and doing drugs. Jimmy was 18 at this point and had pretty much seen it all. The only thing Jimmy was sticking to in life was boxing, he knew he was good at it, however noticing his farther wasn't by his side coaching him, this really had a negative effect on his training. Since the amount of money that was coming into the house was very low, it was important for the farther and son to try and spend at least as possible. This was not the case with Derrick, since his absence at work was causing a lot of problems financially. Jimmy was turning 21 and his intentions to get money were high. He got into drug selling and drug trading, this in which got him into gangs and gang fights in which would be either bare knuckle or even with weapons. Jimmy knew the consequences if he was ever caught, but he wanted to provide his farther. Derrick sadly committed suicide later that year. Leaving Jimmy alone. Jimmy was always thinking in the back of his mind he wanted to move away, but he didn't know where. He wanted somewhere fresh and green, somewhere where he can start a new life and try and forget his past and the people he got involved in. Years went by until he eventually came up with the conclusion of Chernarus. Chernarus was beautiful. He gathered up the rest of the money he had made by doing things he knows he shouldn't and started heading to the airport. Jimmy was living in the east side of Chernarus in a town called Орловец (Orlovets.) He survived off the wildlife there and was known to have a good shot. Jimmy heard something about some vicious attacks happen in the north side of Chernarus, however he didn't think anything off it.
  12. POV: We were going towards the prison looking for the Cartel as they explained on the radio broadcast they wanted prisoners. When we got there we noticed a few people at the front of the compound and a few by a car which later left. I firstly was patrolling the outskirts of the prison, looking through windows to see if I can see anyone. Since I was the one with the hacksaws, I moved towards the front. We had a fake hostage situation out front to see if they will let us in, this was @Charlie. We also saw a random old guy out front which was doing his own thing. Most of the RP was constant chit chatter about the bridge we built at the back. The people inside the prison didn't want anything to do with the hostage outside. I then initiated on everyone who was in the prison for my group, explaining that if the people inside the prison don't have their hands up they will be shot. I got the hostage to hacksaw the front codelock. A few shots went back and forth from what we heard from the front, we then got told over the radio that we had gotten two of them. At the end of the situation one of our guys spotted a guy with his hands up walking towards the front gate. A lot of crashes did occur throughout the whole situation, making it a lot longer than we would've hoped. Unfortunately I do not have any video evidence of the situation.
  13. You mention that the people inside didn't value their life and were lacking RP. However from our point of view we didn't know how many was out there at the start and we already took some of your men down. Once one of our guys died, I valued my life and came out with my hands up. I'm not sure if you were outside at the time, but RP was received from both parties, so I don't really understand your point here.
  14. James was born in Ohio USA, along with his brother Thomas Haggerty. When Thomas was fighting in the war in Afghanistan, James wanted to do something more with his life. He wanted to pursue a career in the Police in what which, he did so. Years went by where he didn't have contact with his brother Thomas. In 2011 he moved to England, all paid for from the United States Police. James got quite high in the rankings in the Police Force in England, however the world had other plans. As soon as he heard about the vicious outbreak attacks, he wanted to find his brother. He searched around in Ohio, however there was no hope. However months of searching he heard some rumours off some girl saying that Thomas moved to Chernarus. *James was last seen on a boat to Chernarus*
  15. POV: Don't remember much from the incident. We managed to capture a slave and take him along to the school to help raid the place. Shortly afterwards when we showed up, I noticed a bystander wearing a cowboy hat, who we which didn't know. I think we also got him to break into the base for us also, but I didn't really hear any of the conversation at the time. Once we got into the school, I looked around checked a few barrels and there was nothing I needed. I then was patrolling the area of the school. Unfortunately I do not have any video evidence of the situation.
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