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  1. Love the graphics, all the best with the group!
  2. Love the graphics, good luck guys
  3. ImJimmy

    Soup Kitchen

    Lovely place to meet and talk to new people!
  4. Excited to be running with you guys <3.
  5. This looks really good, I really hope to see these types of patches in-game!
  6. This mod looks great! Only thing which concerns me is the sleeping part, maybe tweaking this would make it even better.
  7. ImJimmy

    Page 20

    Really enjoy reading these, very artistic and imaginative.
  8. Jimmy Cerrone's POV: We ventured quite far, looking for bases in the South. As Nova stated, we do look towards radio towers to see if there's any bases there or in the nearby. We stumbled across this radio tower base, noticed someone was in it, because of the campfire. We tried to make contact, and one of our members knew the voices in which was talking to us inside. We quickly got our guns out as we were quite suspicious about the man at the top of the radio tower aiming down towards the front gate where we were, and like I said one of our members recognised one of their voices, in which was
  9. Jimmy Cerrone's POV: After speaking with a few people in the Soup Kitchen, we decided to go towards the Church to see the Irish in Sitnik. Not much information happened on my side, I was pretty much at the front gate listening to the Irish man. I did eventually crash just outside the gate, as shown in the logs, but I quickly got back in. Once I got in, I saw a few of our guys boosting, trying to get in the base. I continued to roam around the area, looking in nearby houses, when I heard "All hands up." I pulled out my gun and tried listening to my radio, which was a ton of noises at the s
  10. Really excited for this! Amazing job @ImNovaaa and @ImBlisna
  11. POV: We were going towards the prison looking for the Cartel as they explained on the radio broadcast they wanted prisoners. When we got there we noticed a few people at the front of the compound and a few by a car which later left. I firstly was patrolling the outskirts of the prison, looking through windows to see if I can see anyone. Since I was the one with the hacksaws, I moved towards the front. We had a fake hostage situation out front to see if they will let us in, this was @Charlie. We also saw a random old guy out front which was doing his own thing. Most of the RP was constant chit
  12. You mention that the people inside didn't value their life and were lacking RP. However from our point of view we didn't know how many was out there at the start and we already took some of your men down. Once one of our guys died, I valued my life and came out with my hands up. I'm not sure if you were outside at the time, but RP was received from both parties, so I don't really understand your point here.
  13. POV: Don't remember much from the incident. We managed to capture a slave and take him along to the school to help raid the place. Shortly afterwards when we showed up, I noticed a bystander wearing a cowboy hat, who we which didn't know. I think we also got him to break into the base for us also, but I didn't really hear any of the conversation at the time. Once we got into the school, I looked around checked a few barrels and there was nothing I needed. I then was patrolling the area of the school. Unfortunately I do not have any video evidence of the situation.
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