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  1. Hey Zack, if you type DayzRP.com in the community section, you should be able to find the 2 servers there. If that doesn't work or you're struggling still to find it, the IP for server 1 is s1.dayzrp.com:2300
  2. Jimmy Norton was working and helping his farther as a lumber jack just close to Berezino. He didn't mind doing the work, however it was hard work and small money. Jimmy was born in Konya in Turkey in 1982, where his mother and farther raised him. He was a troubled child growing up, most of the time he heard his parents constantly arguing. A few years later his mother became sick and wasn't well at all. She unfortunately passed away when Jimmy was only 11 years old. Jimmy and his farther moved away a few years after his mother passed. Jimmy's farther suggested Chernarus, since that's where he himself grew up. Jimmy didn't mind Chernarus, he enjoyed the beautiful green grasses and woodland areas. He was a bird watcher in his spare time, it was peaceful and relaxing for him. In July 2017, Jimmy heard about the attacks in Severograd, which worried him, but his farther just brushed it off his shoulders. A few days later Jimmy heard about how the virus and the "attacker" were making their way through towns, him, his farther and other working employees were sent to a refugee camp where authorities said they were safe. Soon enough most of the army bases, refugees camps have been over run by the infected and jimmy new he wasn't safe. 12th of July his camp was attacked. Defenceless Jimmy made haste towards the coast to try and seek for help.
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