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  1. Conrad Lee "Levi" Murphy Businessman A drifter by trade, Conrad Lee Murphy (or "Levi" as he is professionally known) is exactly the opportunist of a man you would expect in this spitfire situation. He's cool-tempered and quick-witted, making a fuss about nothing and moving steadily through the future. How he ended up in Chernarus before the zombie apocalypse isn't well-known, though not because it's any secret. He's here for the money, plain and simple, and there was $1,000,000 of it in a briefcase for a job done right. A woman from Mexico had fled to Chernarus to be with her faraway lover, and her boyfriend back home took personal offense. What happened next is anyone's guess, but it didn't concern Levi. The woman was in Chernarus to hide, and he had come to collect her and the bounty. Then all hell broke loose on Earth; people died, the dead swarmed the streets. The woman he followed was gone. Now the money meant nothing, and Levi was just some idle stranger. You can't shake the feeling that he's watching you.
  2. Somewhere in the background noise of Daniel's transmission is the banging of pots and pans. This is followed by thumping footsteps across floorboards, and then the slamming of a door. About twenty seconds later the door can be heard to crack open again, and an annoyed Australian man interrupts the broadcast. "Fahckin'...Daniel, mate! Where's that...fahckin'...the thing? Where's...the thing for that other thing? I can't find it anywhere..."
  3. Last night, @Palatheio (Daniel Miller) and I (Beau Lee Fitzroy) got swarmed by zombies in a house in Zelenogorsk. A pair of good people rescued us and we had a long chat in the rain. I don't remember the man's name (it was J something), but the woman's name was Emma. You both were a delight to role play with and I'd love the chance to meet you again. Cheers! There was also another guy (whose name was B something) that joined us. He claimed to be from a remote fishing village. We got separated but ran into each other again later in another town, then a third time while trying to fix a car in a village (it was missing a spark plug and gasoline). Daniel disconnected and I decided to stay and wait for him while you went off with your other mate. It was great role playing with you and I'm sorry we didn't get to steal that car! Oh well. At this rate I'm sure we'll bump into each other again.
  4. Right back atcha, mate. Top bloke. Cheers!
  5. Beau Lee Fitzroy was born in rural Australia during the early 1990s. He has an easy-going personality and a laid-back philosophy of life, is an avid birdwatcher and beer drinker (sometimes together), and likes long walks on the beach (sorry, Tinder zombies--he only swipes left). As a "no worries" kind of guy he takes what he can get where he can get it, flowing with the situation and jumping ship if the waves get too rough to ride. He is an expert at not being an expert--learning just enough to get by or to impress women at the bar--and has a colorful résumé of part-time jobs in his employment history (including "exotic dancer", though he usually forgets to mention that one), which has thankfully helped him develop a rough survival skill set. Prior to arriving in Chernarus he was one of the 3,000 vacationing tourists aboard the Costa Risacca before it sank in a storm off the coast of South Zagoria, along with his dream of becoming a professional vlogger. He and a handful of other survivors stole a lifeboat and swam to shore. In the time since that dreary day his whole world has been a roller-coaster of bad dreams, bandits, and bullshit, but somehow he always finds the strength to put one foot in front of the other.
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