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  1. Ryan Lee is diesel mechanic apprentice who is 18 years old. He was born in Growing up he didn't have any family but his father around as he lost his mother at a young age in boating accident. This allowed him and his father to bond more then ever. His father was a mechanic who worked at a small shop in cherno near the bay. He always looked up to his father and wanted to make him proud by following in his footsteps. Ryan would help his dad fix up cars that they had at home and learned to drive at a very young age. When Ryan had days off from school he would go to work with his father and help out around the shop to earn any money he could. A few months prior to outbreak Ryan had started an apprenticeship with a local mining company and a diesel mechanic. He was enjoying his new job and his father was very proud of him, which was one of the few things Ryan wanted. Once the outrage started he and his father got split up. By the end of week two he figured there was no chance that his father had survived and he knew he would have to make it on his own.
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