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  1. My name is Petre Chaikausky I am a survivor that values his life over all other things because of the crap that happened to me. I grew up in the soviet republic, I wanted to life a normal cheerful life, but that was harder then I imagined, my mother was a whore and my father a pimp, they both died due to a mafia attack back in my old hometown. That was 3 years ago, I decided to go Chernarus to begin a new life, I didnt knew what was coming. Few months after I came to chernarus the madness began. Im a man who lost his family and needs to survive on his own, but I happily take company from other survivors in order to be able to survive. I was always a person who loved minimalistic things and this is why I like the ordinary self crafted backpack and an old weapon like a sporter or something like that (mosin is my favorite because the only thing my dad did for me was to teach me how to shoot one). I would never risk my life in order to get some of the old weapons out of the military facilities on Chernarus . Im designated to survive this zombie horror. I like to wander around in the world, seeing various places and always finding new places I like. I would like to have a camp in the wilds and work hard to built a little base for me and maybe have a little family on my own, because I never had one. Before I came here I worked in a service station so I have good experience with cars and stuff like that. I just hope this horror ends.
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