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  1. Liz seriously has no idea how she ended up where she did, in the thick of all the chaos and confusion, and the dead, they are up and walking around, how the hell is that even possible. Liz's life was normal, she was born in 1978 to great parents who did nothing but love her, born in New Hampshire USA, nothing special really, she has a master's degree in Psychology, going to school at Keene college, she focused her career on drug addiction counseling, it's where she met her boyfriend Nicholai, he was on a work visa from Russia working at the same clinic. That's how Liz ended up in Russa to begin with, after six months of dating, Nicholai wanted her to meet his parents, they lived in Moscow. Now she herself doesn"t even know if her own parents are alive or dead. Then it all started, the rumours of the goings on in Chernarus, and the refugees fleeing areas. You aren't supposed to run towards the chaos, but Nicholai's grandparents were from Chernogorsk, his family needed to know if they were okay, so that's really how Liz ended up in the thick of things, now Nicholai is dead, never did find out about his grandparents either, now Liz just spends her days trying to survive and hoping at some point all the craziness will end and things will go back to being boring and normal. She tries to make friends as well in the crazy world where she is because she knows nothing about the country really except what she learned from Nicholai. Liz mostly wants to go home but she knows that isn't going to happen anytime soon so she makes the best of what she's been dealt with. That"s pretty much always been her motto as well, make the best of any situation and deal with it.
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