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  1. ChernaBus

    Straight outta Scotland.

  2. ChernaBus

    Chernarus Autobusová Společnost MLL 01735 260-25

    It's Arma 2, with a bit of paint.net loving. Wait, no! It's an actual photo from pre-apocalypse Chernarus! >.>
  3. ChernaBus

    Buses in Chernarus

    A collection of pre-apocalypse images taken by transport enthusiasts or staff at Chernarus Autobus.
  4. ChernaBus

    Frequency 107.2 (Open)

    *The vacant hiss of this frequency is only broken every ten minutes or so...* ++ BEEP ++ "This is an automated transmission from Chernarus Autobusová Společnost." "We are currently experiencing a shortage of service vehicles. If you know the location of an intact bus of 'Ikarus' make - models 256-284 - please contact us on this frequency to speak to a fitter." "For your health and safety, do not attempt to repair, modify or operate any passenger carrying vehicles that you may find without the appropriate qualifications." "For passenger information, please find your nearest bus stop and refer to the timetable." "This message will repeat." ++ BEEP ++
  5. ChernaBus

    [Bus Service] Chernarus Autobus

    Thanks for that. What a bummer! Our old hangout!
  6. ChernaBus

    [Bus Service] Chernarus Autobus

    // I took a walk back to the old bus depot (image above) for the first time since I've been back, and er... yeah. Where the fuck is it?! Either I read my map completely wrong or this has been removed. If that's the case, anybody know where we can find another one?
  7. ChernaBus

    Chernarussian Currency

    Really sorry to necro this thread, but I've searched and searched, and this is the only thread I can find relating to Chernarussian pre-apocalypse currency. Was a decision eventually made as to whether Chernarussians used Rubles, Dinar, or something else?
  8. ChernaBus

    [Bus Service] Chernarus Autobus

    I was planning to just roll on my own like last time, with only the help of a close, personal friend. If others are actually interested in helping with this, I suppose we could form a group. Historically, I've always shied away from that idea though, for multiple reasons, and I've never been willing to compromise on any of the creative decisions. The buses will only run on the old, pre-apocalypse routes, and that is that (not least because the graphics and maps took fucking forever And thanks for the compliment). I don't want to step on the toes of any potential taxi groups, which I think are a fantastic idea also, by giving people rides to just 'anywhere'. Ideas for the wipe RP-wise so far include the bus company providing emergency relief transport or something like that, while there's still some precious, temporary semblance of normality in Chernarus. After that the staff of Chernarus Autobus will probably barricade themselves into their old bus depot and try to weather the storm like everyone else, until eventually trying to put a bus on the road every so often to help survivors. More imminent ideas include more in-character radio/TV adverts like the old days. I'm working on those right now. "IN CHERNARUS, BUS ALWAYS RUN!"
  9. ChernaBus

    Best Line when approaching players

  10. ChernaBus

    Safe zone discussion

    As much as you might disagree with Jetwells' hostility, he has some very good points including the one above. It takes fucking HOURS to get a working bus on the road, only to get robbed or kidnapped five minutes later. It's fun at first, but eventually it's not worth the effort. I accept that this is the way it is, I don't want to see all the bandits disappear, and I accept bandits' rights to roleplay however they like, but a safe zone would be a godsend for others like myself who just want a break from it! Campfire RPers are being told here (I'm not saying by everybody!) that a safe zone - one of the only solutions to this problem - is unrealistic, ruins the immersion of bandit RPers, that we should go and play the Sims, and that we're essentially playing the game wrong. If we're going to accept bandit RP and make adjustments for it, as we have for all this time, we ought to be extended the same courtesy. Also, a little off topic, sorry. Some old footage of that Trade Post for Sin. (Sorry for linking twice)
  11. ChernaBus

    Safe zone discussion

    I must be the only mod member who enjoyed all the trade posts, haha.
  12. ChernaBus

    Safe Zone.

    I suppose I'll have to be 100% honest with you in saying that, yes - this does appeal to me.
  13. ChernaBus

    Safe Zone.

    This. And as previously stated, there are another 250 square-kilometres of Chernarus for players who don't want to be a part of this.
  14. ChernaBus

    Safe zone discussion

    Camp Klen. Probably my favourite of the old Trade Posts.
  15. ChernaBus

    IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    +1 to safezone idea. I'm another of those roleplayers likely despised by bandit groups, because I too enjoy to be able to just sit and roleplay in peace every once in a while, so thanks for that. Hope it happens.