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  1. Sammy was born in the small town of Eketahuna, in New Zealand. During his child-hood he often dreamed of one day moving to America, the land he always saw on T.V. As he reached the age, he had saved money by working hard, and eventually moved to Atlanta, GA. While in Atlanta on his Green Card residency, he was approached by a peace-corps group, offering to help him gain citizenship if he helped them with their missions overseas. His initial missions were based in Iraq and Syria, providing support to those afflicted by the presence of ISIS. His second mission, however, saw him sent to Chernarus in July of 2017, to help provide infrastructure relief to the then-developing regions of Chernarus. No one could have guessed the mission would take such a turn leading to today's events...
  2. Victor Stuart is a 38 year old from Israel. Before the outbreak, he was in the IDF serving his mandatory service. During this time, he was assigned to a detachment sent alongside the United States Marines to assist in the Civil War that had developed in the small slavic country of Chernarus. Victor's outfit was simply to provide peace keeping support to small rural towns effected by the war. His original assignment was in the small town of Pusta, after the Force Recon Team Razor had neutralized all combatant forces in the area. While stationed in Pusta, Victor became close with many of the locals in the township — often attending community events and intermingling with the townsfolk. As the Civil War raged on around them, and Chedaki insurgents were being stamped out, Victor and his outfit were removed from the area and recalled home. Many of the townsfolk gave exchanged contact information with members of the outfit, as they had all built strong relationships with the soldiers. During his mandatory service, Victor met a fellow soldier whom he seemed to fall for. Over the course of a few deployments, it was obvious she felt the same, and they ended up becoming very close. They often went on dates and in the end, moved in together and started a life. Though, unfortunately, their relationship wouldn't stand the test of time, and she left. He spent years longing for her. As the years rolled on, and Victor's mandatory service period was up, he reminisced of the time he spent in Pusta. Chernarus being a quickly developing nation, Victor seriously considered options of immigration, and decided he would apply for his residency in the country. After a 6 months of processing and paperwork, he was granted permission to live in Chernarus in December of 2016. His destination of choice was Severograd, where he, by luck, found a good job in a Oil Storage Plant owned by a friend he had made in Pusta during his deployment. For 8 months he enjoyed his life in Chernarus, working hard, hunting, and fishing. It all ended on the 8th of July. He was awoken by soldiers in the streets, escorting citizens into housing blocks. He wondered if this had anything to do with the social media posts of the Military operating in the area. He was worried the Chedaki had been reformed after all the outrage from far-right Chernarussian extremists, which would mean another war. On the 10th of July, Victor was again awoken by the familiar sound of bombs striking the ground. The sounds were faint, but enough to shake the buildings and the ground they stood on. Worried war was just kilometers away, he barricaded his apartment and awaited the government's instructions. As the day went on, officials stated that the neighboring Russians were indeed bombing Chernarussian territory around him. He decided that he would abandon the city and flee to a small neighboring town of Dubrovka in the still of the night. Early morning came, and Victor was ready to bug out. He had packed essentials for his survival; food, water, a rifle with a small amount of ammunition to hunt game. However, as he was leaving, he noticed soldiers in the streets attacking anyone in sight. This wasn't good. This lead Victor to believe that it was indeed a Military coup d'etat, rather than a Russian invasion. He moved hastily into the hills southward, as gunfire and sirens erupted behind him. Some time, and lots of walking later, he arrived at the small town of Dubrovka. The residents, seemingly disturbed by the unfolding events nearby, were all packing their vehicles to leave for locations unknown. Upon arrival, Victor was interrogated and questioned by the townsfolk on the events unfolding in the nearby city. He explained how the CDF soldiers had turned against the people, and that it was not long until they would move their attention to the surrounding towns; including Dubrovka. The townspeople were split on the issue. Victor expressed a want to leave to safety and await the coming war to settle down, and for the U.N and NATO to once again step in and help. One of the townsfolk, an older man, noticed Victor had a rifle with him, and offered him a deal. He could go with them, and in return, he help protect and hunt with them. The group consisted of the older man, and his two young apprentices. He agreed without hesitation, as he saw no better option. They then made off to a shack in the forest north of Dubrovka, seemingly assembled by hand. The little wooden shack had very limited space, but enough space for 4 people, a fireplace and a stove. Due to the location of the shack, radio reception was patchy at best. The group had survived on their rations for about a week before they had to venture outwards to gather supplies. 2 younger men offered to go on a supply run, but had asked Victor if they could take his rifle with them for protection should they need it. Hesitant, Victor agreed on the condition that they be back by sun down. They agreed, stating they would only do a quick in-and-out at a gas station just past the tree line. 2 days had passed, the young men hadn't returned. The old man pleaded with Victor to go find them and bring them back, fearing the worst had happened to them. Victor agreed to do a quick scout to find the pair, as the old man was distraught. He quickly set off for the gas station, taking with him only a sharp kitchen knife. As the Gas Station slowly came into view, he noticed a worrying sight — there were abandoned cars on the roadway, some with bullet holes in them. He slowly moved to investigate the gas station, but as he approached he found his rifle in the courtyard. He picked it up, the magazine was still packed. As he moved into the storefront, he noticed there was not much left. Maybe the young lads had abandoned Victor and the old man. While clearing the building, searching for anything useful, he heard an unusual noise from behind the store. He exited the rear door, rifle in hand, and saw the two young men. One curled over the other, seemingly inspecting the rotten corpse. The sight shocked Victor, as the now-rabid man noticed him, it stood up and charged him, prompting victor to fire his rifle into the young man's chest, killing him. Upon inspection, the young man had bleeding eyes and burned skin — something wasn't right. The other young man had similar symptoms, but had sliced open wrists. Suicide to save himself maybe. As he inspected the corpses, he heard screams, unearthly screams, approaching from the Dubrovka township. He knew it was time to dip. Once he fled into the forest and returned home, the old man immediately knew what had happened, and had heard the gun shot. Distraught, he understood once Victor explained what he had saw, and what he had done. As aircraft and bombing rang out into the hills, they hunkered down with their minimal supplies, the old man becoming more and more depressed. Victor and the old man spent the next two weeks anxiously waiting for whatever is out there to come to them. Bombings, the odd gunfire, jet planes, and helicopters were the norm every day, until one day they all fell silent. All that was left was the wind and the trees. Today marks the day the old man had passed away, and Victor being left alone to survive by himself. He wants to go back home to Israel. Surely the Military Airfield is still operational...
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