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  1. Cameron was born in the year of 2052, into a group full of descendants of remnants from military veterans, their origin unsure to him. His father was a Colonel, and his mother was a Sergeant as a medical officer. The descendant group based off of a rank hierarchy, if you were born from two high ranking officers, you were considered to be one and treated with a greater sense of purpose, given more rations and better training, whereas the lower were more expendable..and treated even worse. The group itself was far away from others, isolated from most in the wasteland-however this meant a horrific lack in supplies. The camp ran itself on the old grounds of discipline and structuralism, making sure no one stepped out of line.. However, this did lead to a negative impact on the camp, something vital for human nature to fully thrive and survive, communication. The leaders of the camp were run by Theo and Eve, who had a son named Axel. Theo and Eve were demented leaders seen by many, often being mocked and bickering comments tossed behind their back. They were inherently strict , and seemed to be stuck in the old ways, tossing anything new out of the window. This sort of dislike passed onto Cameron, seeing this tyrant as an evil that yielded nothing good for the outcome of the group. As Cameron grew older, comic books and relapses of what once was, seemed to be a common time killer. Taught by his parents how to fish, hunt, and basic survival and medical tests- not only for himself, but for the betterment of the group. At age 13, all men were deemed old enough to pull their weight for the group in terms of scavenging runs, or expeditions. There always seemed to be some form of competition in the back of his mind, trying to outdo those above him on the hierarchy..hoping to maybe make a name for himself. The group had its fair share of run-ins with the infected. They opted to not use ballistic weaponry, with the common slang of ‘Never waste a bullet’ being heard quite profoundly. Oddly enough however, Theo and Eve were often seen being the frontiers for handling deserters.. With deserters who ever dared come back, being publicly executed with a bullet in the face. *When Cameron was just 10 years old, there was yet another expedition. Always around this time, faces were flustered and a sly fear was upon the grown men's faces. Someone, or multiple people, usually never made it back. However, if picked, you were forced to go.. Otherwise, you were outcasted. The expedition team was awfully small around this time, and Cameron had volunteered to fill up the ranks. Immediately, it was shot down at his request given his age.. Yet, they still asked Axel- a 12 year old boy at the time, to come with. Theo and Eve, his parents, refused profusely. It had turned into a huge argument, which Cameron tried desperately to refute, and ended up taking Axel's place in the manner, as they had no choice and couldn’t go against the leader’s choices.. The horrors could not even be spoken of by what he saw. Infected, sprawling the streets, underground tunnels with mauled corpses piled up, raiders and bandits- it was a living hell, and opened his eyes immensely as to what he needed to do, to become. Upon entering one of the underground railroads to approach the nearby ghost down, just a few klicks out, they were ambushed by fanatical raiders and frenzied ones at that. With an already lack of munitions for the group, the raiders easily picked off about 5 of their men, leaving the rest to retreat. People were horrible things, but maybe they just needed the right hand- to get off this dangerous path. Everyone could be saved in his eyes. Returning to the camp.. It left a sour taste in everyone's mouth upon the news. An already demoralized group had even further become abhorrently sick to their stomachs with grief, anger, and mourning. Cameron could do nothing but try and reconcile those with trying to talk to them, and felt powerless that he couldn’t do anything to stop them. All of a sudden, something lingered in the air.. It was rather apparent the group was at its breaking point regardless. Barely enough food, barely enough water to keep everyone going, poor shelter and sanitation- and with the recent losses, it was all apparent as to what was going to happen. A fight broke out, and immediately the camp began to engage in an all out brawl, splitting into sides. Theo and Eve, the original leaders who were demented and torn, known to withdraw information from the rest of the group and were stuck in their own ways, or this soldiers way, who promised a new beginning, free from these tyrants. The result was a bloodbath. This ‘revolution’ caused the deaths, presumably, of all the rest of them.. Axel was the only one that was left. Feeling powerless in all these situations, Cameron promised never again to let tyranny rule, he would rather defuse then engage, but will never allow himself, or Axel, to be cornered. This bond was beyond just survival, despite being polarizing opposites.. They need each other.
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