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  1. Born and raised in Denmark. By Jens his father and Birthe his mother. Didnt care much for scool but sucked it up and got trough the mekanic education. worked as a mekanic for many years. married to Dorthe and have/had 2 kids a boy Kim and a daughter Signe. came to Chernarus to work for a Rich man to restorate his collection of old cars right before the outbrake or invation, before the Jurney to Chernarus. Sven did alot of hunting and live to go camping in the woods for weeks, so Hans is not a stranbger to liveing in the wild.
  2. Hiya. Dont know if this is the right place to post this but here goes.. Im haveing trouble joining the server I just get .¨Bad Version, server rejected connection¨ tryed updating the beta. relog and restart computer im running Version 1.04.152166 any ideas ? thanks
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