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  1. Sasha was born in cherno to a chernorussian in the CDF and a Japanese woman. When she was just a kid her mother reinforced the ideology of self preservation, where she learn farming, first aid, and basic butchering skills. Her life was good until the civil war broke out. during the early stages when not a lot of people were worried about the war. her father taught her how to wield and Fire firearms. During the war her father died. And when the outbreak began sasha and her mother fled to the countryside.
  2. Born in jul 5th 1988 Dmitri grew up in Moscow during the collapse of the Soviet Union. in his youth he realized that your best chance of getting anywhere was to enlist so that's exactly what he did. Although he didn't make it far because he was discharged for mental problems he spent his early twenties roaming around smoking hashish and Poppin cheap pills occasionally learned a language and began his narcotic filled Rage in Chernarus. he's known to many people as a drug fiend, an asshole, and generally not a member of society to put it lightly. will do whatever it takes to survive.
  3. back in 1989 his mother and father fled from communist China for a better future. In the year of 1995 on August 5th Jing Ju was born. His parents ran a modest all-you-can-eat buffet in Minnesota. By the age of 18 he was fairly skilled in both cooking and and school. his parents decided to send him to college in California. he studied hard day and night for his dreams of becoming an interpreter. He picked up language class after language class. Russian, mandarin, Vietnamese, german, serbo-croatian, it didn't matter. one of the few things he loved doing is talking to people online from different countries. Through the years he got really into a gaming group based out of Chernarus and after a while he had became convinced would be a great idea to come and see Europe first hand. in late 2016 that's what happened he started in Germany and made his through the Czech Republic, slovenia, bosnia, serbia, bulgaria, romania, he went through ukraine and then traveled the rest of the way through Russia. as of this point his funds were starting to run low so he decided to put his knowledge to use being an interpreter for farmers and miscellaneous businesses for a few months just to pay the bills and hang out with friends that he only dreamed of visiting and then, july of 2017 rolled around...
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