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  1. We left because you shot at us and killed one of our guys. The server restart is what caused a lot of the loot on the ground to disappear.
  2. Well sure, anyone can come into anything with the ill-est of intentions and just fabricate a story that they had the best in mind. But first, we need to stop and really think about what fingers we're pointing and what's being said. Why would I openly call out in my post that I didn't fully know the anti-griefing rule? Why wouldn't we steal all the camo netting from around your walls? Why didn't we toss new locks on your gates to be even more a pain the ass? As it sits there were a lot of things that we could have done to grief you, if that had been our intention, that we didn't do. We came to your base with a clear goal/objective in mind and we wanted to execute it to the best of our ability. In essence, we wanted to find the assholes that fucked our shit up and we wanted to give it right back to them. They took our tents, they took two of our cars, they took all of our stuff and just like that they were gone. But we were different in a way of starting our raid at 10:00 when the server was 80/80, meanwhile the raid on our base took place about 2-5AM (I understand this could be good timing for EU/UK players), and the server population at the time was sub 20 players. Pointing fingers at someone and assuredly calling them a griefer/cheater/etc... (Not claiming you're calling us cheaters), but at the same time it also fits into what you said. "Anyone can claim good intentions. Anyone can claim they were *going* to do something. This does nothing to validate your actions." Anyone can claim anyone is a dick/asshole/griefer/rule player but that doesn't make it objectively true. I can repeat to you time and time again about how we want there to be fair play on both sides, consequences, a hunt, roleplay, anything stemmed from this, and tell you that we really are good people with good intentions but that will not suddenly make it true in your eyes. We want everyone to have a good time. In the good, in the bad, and in the in between.
  3. Firstly, my issue with this quote is just that you've come into this with a bad mindset. With the no-wrong intention that we came after you and yours with the intention to grief you, destroy your fun, and take away from you hours of hard work. Please, stop, we had no intentions coming into this situation to cause hostilities on an Out-Of-Character level between us and the other party involved. Let me skip some of the steps that have been mentioned by @RWxHawg and @ParadymShift, you know the scouting/spotting, map work that we did etc. Lets get into the meat and potatoes of your grievances, the loot being on the ground. The loot was siphoned from the Military Tents in your encampment so that we would be able to take the tents in a singular vehicle and EVAC it. We didn't know WHO exactly owned the camp on an OOC level and therefore we didn't have the capacity to metagame/cheat our way into forcibly raiding you when you were offline. Truthfully, yes, this did leave most of the tent's 400 capacity full of items on the ground initially. (Nearly all the tents were full, so fitting all that + Tents + Vehicles content into the trio of cars we were stealing was impossible) We had @ParadymShift come into the base after we had done the initial clear and were preparing to extract the vehicles. His job was to sort out the loot for what we wanted and what we didn't want to keep. Initially, I, Chris/Pudge, wanted to just leave what we didn't want on the floor and GTFO. Being ignorant of the rule that this would be griefing, @RWxHawg educated me that we had to take what we could and leave the other stuff in "Containers" like boxes/barrels/backpacks/vests so that it could be recovered by the "Raided" if they were to appear, et-cetera. I know that we personally were not given this luxury when our base was raided last week, but now that I know better I may be able to pursue some action. Needless to say, we were roughly 25~ish minutes into the raid when I started to hear a guy screaming over local comms. Don't quote me as I do not have the capacity for audio/video recording equipment but it went something along the lines of - "Stop what you're doing right now! Put your hands up!" - Perp to @RWxHawg Hawg stopped, I (Pudge) called out the contact, replied in VON "Don't be an idiot bro!" The rest is a bit of a blur, but gunshots were exchanged (I believed started by your side), we lost @RWxHawg, one of your guys went down, and I knew that you had been up long enough to "Radio" your boys. So, what should we do in that situation? 1) Take what you got, don't be greedy and GET THE FUCK OUT! - Showing care for my life and my team's. I already had a guy go down. An extra AX-74 isn't worth it, is it? 2) Stick around, spend 10 minutes smashing down another wall to get into the house. Maybe find a crate/barrels/something for us to store gear in. Spend the next 20 minutes or so pulling the gear off the ground and trying to sort/store it. Hold a defensive position and hope for the best, maybe this massive fort is just a solo player's base? - Showing HARD respect for the rules and not trying to be a griefer, but the biggest neglect of life and caring from an In-Character perspective. You're coming at this all wrong if you think we are targeting/attacking you for personal reasons of trying to ruin your day. We are not, you are just the unfortunate target of a random base raid, just as many people at this community have been and so have we. At the end of the day we want to be players with integrity and fairness. We came to this server for the role play aspect, lack of KOS, and sense of community, not to try and "min-max" our way around rules and bully other players. I want to have an understanding with you guys that this wasn't OOC motivated and if there was any sense of griefing it was not intentional. A mix of taking contact + a server crash really threw a wrench in the plans, otherwise we were going to, to the best of our ability, leave your base intact with whatever of your valuable gear that we didn't want intact.
  4. For the most part I've met quite a lot of people in the more northern areas. I find the "Hubs" like Cherno/Elektro etc.. can get bloated and make it harder for solo players to initiate and instead sort of make a "clique" style system where you group up or get left behind. Plus, whilst it is a Roleplay server, people will always want some sort of stash for when they inevitably get "Dayz'd" and can get a new set of their gear without having to pay 30 pound for clothing. Are bases an issue? I'd say no, but I'm sure that the removal and cleanup of abandoned bases should be considered. If a player can submit a report about an abandoned base perhaps an admin could look up the base creator, PM them, and solve it. As for finding more people randomly? Honestly I would use the radio more if it wasn't Map wide and didn't have the glitch where I'm hearing/talking thru a turned off and battery-less transceiver. Maybe when radios get fixed and we can make a use for Altar/Radio Backpacks/Etc.. it will open up more possibilities for people using In-Game comms to set up roleplay.
  5. After reading the silliness of the report regarding the megaphone, I can't help but agree that it's a little overkill with how it is handled in game.
  6. Character Name: Leshiy Sokolov Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Combat Engineer Which Lore Faction?: The Terrors Lore Faction staff?: Depends on the expectations, if a fill is needed I'll consider it. Group Name: N/A Primary Phase: (1)I want to attend the event across both days and all phases depending on how the event gets called on the player count. Reserve Phase: (4) I play Only War on Sundays with @RWxHawg so may need to skip out on the last of Phase 4 based on run time (about 630pm EST it starts)
  7. Leshiy was a young man born into hardship, among the middle of the Cold War in one of Russia's many satellite states. They called it Chernarus. His parents, Petro and Ivana had immigrated here from the southern provinces of the USSR in one of the many, many mass immigrations from the country in an attempt to find work. Ukrainians, Bolivians, Georgians, you name it, many of the State's people had constantly been on the move in an attempt to survive. Food was scarce, work was hard, and it always seemed that there would be an outbreak of civil war at any point. In his formative years, Leshiy grew up in a Russian neighborhood of Chernogorsk, with Russian friends, Russian shopkeepers, and a very Orthodox religion that came to study and pray every Sunday. Whilst not being in the USSR, its very presence and seeping normalities had made their way here. It was the only life he knew and thus it brought conflict. Not many people enjoyed Russia or its people, the Berlin wall, the police states, the famines, the authoritarian hold. But Leshiy knew no different, every radio station played pro-Russian music, spoke glowingly of the state, of Communism, of freedom, never did a bad word come to his ears and never did he notice the fear of those people that wished to speak out against it. Thus, growing up was tough. The collapse of the USSR was the first thing, followed by more mass immigrations from Russia, lack of food and supply, civil war, mass exodus, fighting. Many people took the opportunity to get out in the ensuing chaos, but some stayed. In these times, with the skies open, people began to speak openly of Stalinism, Communism, and the great evils of Russia. But Leshiy was hardheaded, like any young boy grown on propaganda would be, he saw Russia for its beauty, for its provisions, protection, ideals, and comfort. Defiant, it got Leshiy into many fights, some he won, others he lost, but he would never be silenced. Many others were the same and it began to create a rift in Chernarus, a national split among those who proudly proclaimed themselves Russian and those who did not. Groups, gangs, and secret meetings. Leshiy was a member of an underground Chernogorsk based Pro-Russian gang, the "Obyazannost' Natsii" (ON for short, or "Nation's Duty" in English). It all started simply, a few beatdowns here and there, jumping of Anti-Russian speakers, break a few windows, smash a few cars, but then things began to ramp up. In his early 20's Leshiy was introduced to a man simply identified as "Venkov", an extremist from out of Chernarus. He had power, connections, weaponry, but most of all, money. He gave work to the young lads, Leshiy for instance took up a position as a Mechanic in one of Venkov's shops, taking it under his own name. But for this, "Venkov" demanded things from the boys. Some innocent, reconnaissance on CDF bases, ships, and airfields. Others not as much. Beatdowns turned into murders, those who once spoke proudly at town squares and on radios were silenced, either lost in the darkness of retracted from fear. Homes were firebombed with families inside, bombs were placed under cars, attacks were made precisely against civilian and police contacts. This was no longer a simple gang but an Insurgency, and it was nothing but invigorating for the young few like Leshiy. These boiling years cultivated into the eventual massive civil war in 2009, where Leshiy met his best mate, "Hog", a familiar young Russian man that has immigrated into South Zagoria. Right and wrong, grey lines, there was nothing but blindness. The easily influenced did as they were told, and so, Leshiy did. Kalashnikov in hand, he fought proudly for what he thought was right. But soon the good times were over. "Venkov" went missing, many of Leshiy's closest friends has been lost in the fighting and were beaten down. Taken as prisoners, found as war criminals, the CDF had conquered the insurgency and stemmed the tide of the Russian nationalists, beginning even to hunt them down after the bloody conclusion of the war. So, Leshiy and "Hog" went into hiding, in plain sight some might say. They utilized their skills learned from the civil war, survival, tracking, map reading, and path creation to begin working as hunting and tourism guides. As the country had been blown apart, so did its tourism industry. Outsiders began to buy up land and industry and so it was booming again, and so the pair was able to slip into the shadows under different guises, quietly, awaiting another resurgence of their people to once again take back this land that was rightfully theirs... Forwarding to 2017, the attack on the Chernarussian-Russian wedding, declaration of Martial law, and the resurgence of the Anti-Russian semitism caused Leshiy to grow weary. He and "Hog" were in their middle years, knowledgeable and better learned, they kept quiet as best they could. The two men had eachother as family and knew better than to interfere into what might again be another civil war. They had families now, settled, and wanted no part. But that all changed when the infection came. It seemed to be a blink, absolute chaos. NATO, Russia, and CDF all clashing. Storms, fires, and raids. Reports by mouth of crazed individuals with no remorse, emotion, or pain attacking others. Some charred and missing limbs, biting and scratching people, hospitals filled to the brink with casualties. Air raids, bombings, artillery. Leshiy and "Hog" did what they had learned best, survived. Taking their families inland, away from the fighting and the rumors, and the insanity. A few weeks had past, the cabin they had holed up in had long lost power and would soon lose water pressure. Food supplies were low, but everyone was alive. The two man sat at the table, each sipping on the last of their stockpiled Kvass, illuminated by a single, burning candle. When a noise from the bedroom startled them. Loud, wet coughing.
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