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  1. Big oof lad, I'm not trying to flame you. It is simply an observation. Can't speak to any of this as I got waxed by a combination of your and @ParadymShift's fire as I came out from the back door of the house and engaged. And of course in the duration we've been banned almost all of your guys' shit and a good amount of our own shit has been taken from our encampment, so, there's that.
  2. So you let it despawn on the ground instead of putting it away, roger that.
  3. The post from the fence that was used to block the main door prevented access, which is why I was chopping down the back wall. If we had 'FULL' access to the barrels then wouldn't we have taken items from them? Or at least rotated items into them from your other containers as we were attempting to do? An admin can check the logs and see if any of our characters accessed these supposed barrels if they want, but I never saw any, and I never interacted with any, so I must refute. One crate was left outside as is visible in your screenshot. We didn't have time to pull both cars in and completely fill them or this would have been less of an issue, as we decided to cut it short when we were engaged. Nobody was holding tents in their hands full of goods as I'm pretty sure that is both a) not possible and b) risky but the cars we did have access to, your guys', were packed up. You can oversimplify and be reductive in your response if you want, there's nuance you elected to ignore in your post. We started the raid around 10pm CST which is prime time hours for us, not like we waited until the server pop was 15 and busted in your shit in an attempt to be underhanded. We got into this during an 80/80. You also speak in hindsight claiming we had plenty of time to do this, but your own evidence is indicative otherwise. Players from your group made it back to the camp to find items still on the ground and not in fact despawned as would predicate griefing (in theory). If the items were still there, where's the supposed griefing? Because we raided you? Your logging in and initiating on us with your gun drawn demanding to see our hands at the threat of violence was one hundred percent a determining factor in our decision to leave. We didn't grief you as was clearly outlined in my post, so it's not a matter of me justifying anything but rather providing my POV as was requested by the admin team. I'm not sure what kind of precedent exists on the server for something to be considered 'griefing' but not cordially going around and replacing all of the things that got taken out of containers to sort through them easier when we began to get shot at being dubbed 'griefing' seems a stretch. This is especially emphasized by the wording of the rule as it is written, we didn't do this to be mean to you guys and to give you what for, we just did it to optimize our searching of the contents of each container and their retrieval when we took contact and backed off. I'll refrain from taking part in more of this post until other POVs are summized and an admin has made a ruling or called on me for more evidence because at this point I'm not seeing a sound argument to be had.
  4. I have video evidence of part of our planning stages of the operation, and my own death but that doesn't really serve the purpose of defending the accusation of griefing. @Hawkins610's and @Deadeye1212's characters had run across your guys' camp the day prior and spent several hours reconnoitering the structure and the surrounding area. They brought the information to me and @Pudge that a camp dangerously near our old setup was running a very similar amount of tents and vehicles in the same configuration. As this was one of two leads to our characters as to who might have busted our door down several nights ago and taken our shit, we decided to act on it. We rallied up our boys, threw some materials in the trunk of two vehicles we would use to break in, cleared the rest of our shit out and set off after a briefing. Stashing our two transports in a treeline to conceal them, we split into fireteams and went about our assigned tasks. My job was primarily concerned with breaking the gatelock and sweeping the interior for hostiles before calling in the rest of the guys to start the raid in earnest. Needless to say this was all accomplished as none of you were online to interact with, so we pressed on. All three of the vehicles in your camp were loaded with equipment from your own tents, which were then carried out. We dispersed some equipment into our own two transports and while I was busy trying to break into the main building of the encampment to which we still had no access (the hunting lodge) via the back door, one of your members logged in, initiated, and we got into a gunfight. I got killed as a result of that gunfight and some friendly fire, leaving my five companions to carry on with the operation. --------------------------- My dispute on the claim that this was an attempt to outright destroy your camp or grief you by destroying your loot comes from a few key points I want to clear up. We utilized the three cars to the best of their carrying capacity, no such barrels were accessed due to their being stored (presumably) in the main building of the camp that we didn't have time to enter. The crates outside were stuffed with food and ammunition that we were sorting through in addition to a large number of cosmetic items and various pieces of survival equipment that were either dispersed for later sorting onto the ground (as we assumed we were going to have more time than we ended up having as a consequence of the login) or simply chucked into the back of the cars. Midway through the sorting of one of the last crates, your member logged in, engaged us, and I died. At that point my guys knew they were on a very limited time frame as your other group members would be surely responding to that alarm and the gunfire. They made off with what we had sorted through and looted at that point. ---------------------------------------------------- Ultimately the reason that so many miscellaneous items were left behind, unsorted, was due to the fact that we had taken hostile contact and lost one of our raiding party in the middle of the thievery. To the best of my knowledge, we didn't utilize any out of character knowledge in our execution of the raid and the scouting and planning that led up to it as well as the in-character reasoning behind it is documented in my post. We didn't leave any of this kit behind on the ground with any ill intent out of character either, it was simply a matter of "we've taken contact, time to get out while we can". Whether or not the damages you've suffered are proportionate to the IC reasoning we had, which I'll list below from my point of view, are what can be reasonably considered in my opinion. At the time of the scouting mission and raid we'd encountered numerous camps in the Northern half of the map, yours was determined to be the most likely to have benefited from our previous loss. To my character at least, this was an act driven by the desire to get even. Mid-way through the raid, we took hostile contact and lost a member of our party, resulting in the immediate retreat and the abandonment of what was laying out. In addition to these driving reasons in-character, after the gentleman who logged in and engaged us was killed alongside me, the server crashed, resulting in both of our bodies being despawned as well as forcing our time-table for the retreat down very significantly due to the queue positioning that some of our party members were thrown into. -------------------------- In conclusion, I'm sorry that you guys feel like we were there to grief you, there was a significant amount of roleplay taking place to scout out, develop a plan of attack on, and execute the raid on your base. To my knowledge none of my members were out there to be dickheads to you guys or to destroy your things, we took the least damaging routes possible through the encampment in terms of busting down walls and locks to try and minimize our impact. After almost four days of running up and down the roads in the North sections of the map, making contacts, exchanging information, and questioning passersby the best lead our characters had on who might have raided our own encampment was determined to be you. Obviously everyone will have their own POV to provide, this is just how I saw the scenario, and the reasoning my character had for being there to do what he did. ------------------------- Screenshots indicating we had no access to the barrels or additional crates in question to store the stuff on the ground: ^ The door is still secure. ^ We take contact, I move to engage. ^ I'm dead. Note the timestamps on the recording.
  5. Need something to do? Give other people something to do. You've solved the problem for yourself and whoever shows up to do it. Hopefully that doesn't come off too cunty, as it isn't my intent. Boredom catches up to everyone eventually so you've gotta stir the pot, sometimes you have to be the guy that starts a fist fight in the middle of town after a drunken argument to make everyone else laugh at the (potential) expense of your character.
  6. Cars have been relatively easy for me to find and maintain, at least in the Northern sections of the map. After my camp got busted down I took the road and have been living the Mongol life ever since, highly recommended. Only downside is the very frequent moments of desync where you will suddenly go +/- 30 km/hr and potentially change directions depending on the road type you're on. This scourge that I refer to as 'the turbo' has cost me many good Gunters. With the advent of cars spawning with all of their components intact and only in need of fuel and coolant since the last patch, I've been seeing a lot more roaming around as well. I don't think they're hoarded as often as you might make thinkingly.
  7. RWxHawg

    Allow Megaphones to be More Viable

    Alternatively if you find a method to interact through PMs with a group leader or an OOC medium to communicate through to engage a scenario/initiate would it be then considered metagaming? I'm not rock solid on the defender-attacker rights as they pertain to in character interactions but if you mutually agree to get into a gunfight with set terms what's stopping that?
  8. Born near El Paso, Texas, Redrick Robbins was a man of good nature and often times sunny disposition, even when working. A lawman by trade and a Federal Marshal for the latter half of his career, Redrick found himself aboard a cruise ship destined for a catastrophic failure off the shores of Chernarus. One of the few vacations that Redrick ever enjoyed at the side of his wife of 26 years, he would lose both her and a large amount of his sensibility during these events. Emerging on the coastline of a foreign land in the middle of what would eventually be the end of civilization, Red's world had already ended with the loss of Irene. A loner for the most part, he's given up his penchant for the law and taken to scraping by to the best of his ability as many have.
  9. RWxHawg

    Operation Molotok [RP-PvP] - Lore Event

    Character Name: Evgeniy Orlov Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Combat Engineer Which Lore Faction?: Terrors Lore Faction staff?: Depends on the expectations, if a fill is needed I'll consider it. Group Name: N/A Primary Phase: (1) I intend to attend the event across both days and all phases depending on how the audible gets called on the player count. Reserve Phase: (4) The only circumstance under which I won't be able to attend phase 4 is if it runs past the scheduled time as I run an Only War game on sundays pretty close to the end time of the event so it's a strong call.
  10. The tale of Evgeniy's introduction into the ranks of the Obyazannost Natsii street gang and their comings and goings within Chernarus and specifically Southern Zagoria is largely inconsequential to his present state of being. An ethnic and native Russian turned Chernarussian immigrant, he had specifically left his homeland to prop up a growing insurgency that would ultimately be snuffed out in the civil war in 2009. Skilled in electrical design and construction through schooling and work experience he would go on to become a bomb maker for the Pro-Russian irregulars. In the wake of the insurgency's failure and the ending of the civil war, Evgeniy joined his comrade in arms and now long time friend 'Pudge' in undertaking bush work. They were trail guides and hunters, tour leaders and fishermen in the wilds of Chernarus where they had fought only a few years prior. Now they might as well have been outlaws, if their involvement in the civil war had been noticed they would have suffered the same fate as many of their officers and leadership did in the months following the conflict. All of this would become irrelevant with a simple rash, a wet cough, and the ensuing madness that gripped the world.
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