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    ^ me Hey, I'm Sami, 18 and from London UK. I was a developer on the server for about a week and then I was permbanned for being a toxic little shit. However I was unbanned soon after. Mistakes where made. I'm not that toxic I'm just ADHD as fuck and when people get me going I turn into a ADA 4x4 on a 100 pop server, look away for a second and I'm going 200 mph. I'm pretty new here, 30 hours under my belt, 29 of those hours have been looking for a car, one of the hours has been crashing a car and screaming at my monitor. Originally, I'm from Algeria however I have lived in the UK since I was 7, I visit Algeria around 3-4 times a year though. I'm pretty busy yet my life is still dominated by a keyboard and mouse, I study full time doing Interactive Digital Design, specialising in 3D Modelling / vizulisation (I'll post some of my work down below). I also work in a very very lucrative business, making millions a day, Costa Coffee, Ladies, calm down. I'm also aspiring to be a model, I'm currently building up my portfolio for free via doing free jobs for agencies across London. However I was recently scouted to Elite Models and if I can make it through with what I have in my portfolio already? Expect to see me in Vouge baby. I also do freelancig in Graphic Design and 3D Modelling, so if you need anything let me know haha pay me please I have litteraly 0.01 in my bank, I wish I was joking. I'm genuinly not. When it comes to RP, I've been RPing since I was about 8, starting off on a widly popular heavy roleplaying platform, in one of the most extreme and hardcore roleplaying enviroments known to gaming history, Roblox, 123 for hot bf. I originated on Habbo Hotel, I played that for a very long time just messing around, however on Roblox I actually found a "roleplay" community which was a roblox mafia, laugh, however it was amazing. We're talking 2010 roblox here, serious business, no fuck around. On Habbo Hotel, I found a genuinly serious RP community, a wild west text rp community. Which, being dead serious here, was actually good and serious RP. In 2011 I started playing SAMP, LSRP to be exact and I played it until 2017 when GTA:W was released on GTA, I played there and also played on voice RP servers on ArmA 3, I caught the eye of an owner of one of the biggest servers, ALRP, Chapo Guzman was his alias. He was gay, I was a twinky 15 year old. Coming from a poor family IRL, money was all I really wanted. Esentially, he was my sugar daddy, judge me please, he gave me money k. Regardless, I became the Community Manager and eventually banded together with my fellow underage possy and exposed him as a nonce, the server then replaced ownership and I remained the community manager, managing the majority of the server for a long time. It was a shaky period however it was funny as fuck and I made a shed ton of money, I regret nothing. Expiriences that help me form who I am today. Anyway, here's some of my 3D/Graphic design work. https://imgur.com/a/jaznr38 Ciao
  2. *Dwayne rubs his head, running his hand over his bald scalp. He sighs, picking the radio up from the counter after staring at it for a few moments, eventually, he presses the ptt, talking into the radio* " 'rite, I'm lookin' for a place ta' live... Anyone? I mean fuck... I'll build a house if I need ta', I just need the support. Lookin' for a settlement or... some form a'.... community.... Name's Dwayne" *Dwayne cringes as he words pour out of his mouth, pushing the radio away. He shakes his head with a sigh, staring blankly back out of the window to Cherno"
  3. Dwayne was born in London, UK in 1998 making him 21 years of age. During childbirth he lost his mother, and throughout his upbringing, his father turned to alcohol. Dwayne had a reckless adolenence, he'd refer to his troubled times as an average teenage rebellion, however, it was far from normal. Where his morals are intact, and he knows right from wrong, law and conformity are far from Dwayne's realm. When he was 8, his father was deployed in Chernarus and due to not having any other guardian able or willing to take Dwayne, he came with him. Growing up in a war struck country and unable to speak the language, Dwayne saw this country as a free space, a space where he could do what he wanted when he wanted. In 2009, his father was killed by contradicting forces, leaving Dwayne alone just before the outbreak, and so he decided to roam, alone, without a care for anyone or anything. And then the outbreak happened. 11 years old, nothing but his witt and muscle to survive him. He only friend was his conciounce, and the real faces he met along the way where temporary. He doesn't, and hasen't had a goal. A lost soul with no ambition.
  4. My name is Nathanial Wyatt Jones, I'm from the UK, and I moved to Chernarus in 2009 following the civil war. I was a Service Engineer from the Chernarussian ministry of agriculture. I remember before it all started, I had friends, I had family, I had time. I would spent my time in the hills and mountains, watching birds fly above me, taking in the air. I used to take pictures, photography, of everything. Cars, houses, plants - I was facinated by this beautiful Island that no one had heard of. I felt as if I was one in a million, one of the few who got to witness such beauty. My life was on track, I was making a good salary, and I was sending home money to pay for a mortgage in London. Yes, there was violence around me, and yes, I had my own opinions - however it wasn't my place, it wasn't what I came to do. I came to work, and I was protected by the government. And then it all started, the monsters, they came. I can honestly say, 7th of July 2017 was the first time I had a full nights sleep. Slowly I watched the world around me change, I didn't know what to do - I left, I ran as far as I could and I started to camp, still taking pictures and logging my steps, however I was more scared then I have ever been. Those I once called friends, where now maniacs, blood thirsty animals with no regard for human life. All I want is to go back home, but that's not happening any time soon. My plan? Well... I want to find real, organic, people, people with love and care within, I want to return to my apartment, start up base there, maybe even live with some people. I want to be known, and I want to be loved. I don't want violence. Most importantly? I don't want to die.
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